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Pacific Station(1991 - 1992)
The series is set in a police station in Venice, California, where by-the-book detective Bob Ballard finds himself with a very unusual new partner, Richard Capparelli, who is heavily into New Age philosophies.
America's Treasure Chest(1962 - 1962)
NBC TV Network Saturday mornings 1962 Host/Performer/Instructor:Oscar Brand.
Capt.Gallant(1955 - 1963)
NBC TV Network sunday nights 1955-1963 "Capt.Mike Gallant"(Buster Crabbe),"Cuffy"(Cullen Crabbe),"Sgt.Fuzzy"(Fuzzy Knight).
Matty's Funday Funnies(1959 - 1959)
ABC TV Network Sunday and Friday nights October 11,1959-December 29,1962 This cartoon series featured reruns of the Paramount/Famous "Noveltoons"(later retitled The Harveytoons) which featured the misadventures of "Baby Huey"(a duck who inadvertedly creates havoc but redeems himself when he foil...
The Magic Ranch(1961 - 1961)
ABC TV Network saturday mornings Host/Performer:Don Alan.
1 2 3 Go!(1961 - 1962)
NBC TV Network Sunday evenings 1961/1962 Hosts/Narrators/interviewers:Jack Lescolie and Richard Thomas
Alf's Hit Talk Show(2004 - 2005)
TV Land Network 2004/2005 Host/Performer/Interviewer:"Alf",Announcer:Ed McMahon,Comedy Assistant:Kevin Butler. "Alf"briefly hosted this late night talk/variety tv show during the 2004/2005 tv season. This was Mr.McMahon's last regular tv appearance.
Funny Boners(1955 - 1955)
NBC TV Network Saturday mornings:1955 Host/Performer:Jimmy Weldon..Duck puppet character:"Webster Webfoot" Jimmy and "Webster"hosted this kids version of"Truth Of Consequences".
Come Along(1973 - 1975)
Syndicated:1973.. Actor/dialectician:Joe Early portrays famous men from history before a studio audience of that the young viewers will see these famous people as human beings.
Winchell/Mahoney Time(1965 - 1968)
Syndicated:1965 Set against the backdrop of the town of"Funsville"..Paul Winchell tries to cope with the antics of his puppet pals and the other members of"The Jerry Mahoney Fan Club".This is a revamped version of Mr.Winchell's NBC TV kids show of the mid 1950's.
Quote O' Matic
  • Announcer: True or False: Curly haired people from Toronto is better in math than anybody else.
  • Mr. Gltich: True, Everybody in Toronto knows that. (Eats the T) (Buzzer Sounds)
  • MathMan: MathMan, MathMan. Mr. Gltich, That the most observed thing I heard in days. Isn't it, MathDog.
  • MathDog: Bark Bark.
  • MathMan: All source of people are good at math. Kids, Adults, Girls, and Boys. I don't believe you went for that, Mr. Glitch.
  • Mr. Glitch: All, You don't. Well, perhaps I did.
  • MathMan: Sick him, MathDog.
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