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Tcft and 20th televison(1955 - Current)
They are fox companys
Pinocchio (Tatsunoko/Harmony Gold/Saban)(1972 - 1992)
In 1972 came the very first Tatsunoko Japanese version. Harmony Gold released the first English and Latino Spanish version in 1984 in a condensed film format. In 1990 Saban released their own English dub and this time it was the full series.
Peter Pan the Animated Series(1990 - 1990)
Known also as "Peter Pan no bouken", japanese anime series produced by Nippon Animation and brought to the world by Saban Entertainment. Was dubbed in English but wasn't shown in USA. Released on DVDs in UK by Jetix.
Taz-Mania(1991 - 1993)
Fox Kids, Cartoon Network & Boomerang
The Simpsons Shorts(1987 - 1989)
These shorts were the first apperance of the simpsons. Creator Matt groining was originally going to do an animated version of his Life In Hell comic strip.These shorts were bumpers on the Tracy Ullman Show.
Prank Patrol(2005 - 2010)
Is a TV show that aired on YTV in the early 2000's.
Roots(1977 - 1977)
Roots is a television miniseries in the USA based on Alex Haley's 1976 novel, Roots: The Saga of an American Family; the series first aired, on ABC-TV, in 1977. Roots received 37 Emmy Award nominations and won nine. It won also a Golden Globe and a Peabody Award. It received unprecedented Nielsen ra...
A Current Affair(1986 - Current)
A Current Affair is a news show that aired on the launch of the FOX network.
Marsupilami (Marathon series)(2000 - Current)
Based on the original comics by Andre Franquin. This animated series from Marathon (the team behind "Totally Spies" and "Martin Mystery") is much closer to the original comics than the previous Disney-made series from the 1990s. New episodes are currently being aired worldwide under the name "Houba...
F-Zero: GP Legend(2003 - 2004)
F-Zero: GP Legend is a 51 episode anime series by Ashi Productions based on the video game series. It debuted in Japan on October 7, 2003, on TV Tokyo; the final episode aired on September 28, 2004. 4Kids Entertainment licensed the anime series for North American broadcast. According to Kombo, in No...
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