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Zoorama(1960 - 1967)
Local:WOR TV Ch.9 NYC/WCBS TV Ch.9 NYC 1960 to 1967 Host/interviewer/Narrator:Bob Dale.
Tottle(1961 - 1963)
Local:WCAU TV Ch.10 Philadelphia,Pa.1961 to 1962,Returned Local:WCBS TV Ch.2 NYC 1962 to 1963 Host/Performer/Head puppeteer:Marshal Izen
Discovery(1962 - 1970)
ABC TV Network weekday afternoons/Sunday mornings:1962 to 1970. Hosts/Performers/instructors:Frank Buxton,Virginia Gibson and Bill Owens.
The Uncle Al Show(1958 - 1985)
Hosts/Performers/Creators/Instructors:"Uncle Al(Lewis) &"Capt.Windy"(Mrs.Wanda Lewis),Comedy asistants/Puppeteers:Larry Smith and Jack Williams. ABC TV/LocalWCPO TV Ch.9 Cincinatti,Ohio.
"The Uncle Johnny Coons Show"(1954 - 1956)
Host/Performer:"Uncle Johnny"Coons performs comedy skits and introduces reruns of old silent film comedies.while eating lunch with his viewers. The series aired saturday afternoons on CBS and later on NBC TV.
Space Runaway Ideon(1980 - 1981)
The apocalyptic, bleak chronicles of the Solo starship as they cruise across the cosmos, and wage war with the extraterrestrial Buff Clan over a celestial robot known as the Ideon.
Psycho-Pass(2012 - 2013)
The series takes place in the near future, when it is possible to instantaneously measure and quantify a person's state of mind and personality. This information is recorded and processed, and the term "Psycho-Pass" in the anime's title refers to a standard used to measure an individual's being. The...
anthony and friends(1970 - 1979)
its a cartoon
Degrassi: The Next Generation(2001 - 2015)
This canadian television teen serial drama is set in the Degrassi universe. This series has a generation of students of Degrassi Community School.
Monster Allergy(2006 - 2009)
In a world where monsters can only be seen by a select few, allergy-prone Zick has the ability to see invisible monsters living among us, a handy talent to have when the creatures misbehave and need to be tamed. Taming monsters may not be an easy task, but these kids are committed to it. With some h...
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  • Lloyd: They always freak out when you leave the scene of an accident, you know?
  • Dumb & Dumber