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Cubix(2001 - 2003)
Cubix (Korean: 큐빅스; retitled 로보짱 큐빅스 for the KBS broadcast; subtitled Robots for Everyone in the United States) is a South Korean animated television series created by Cinepix. 4Kids Entertainment acquired the rights for an English adaption dub to the series in 2001, retaining them until their trans...
Studio Party:Local:WABD TV Ch.5 NYC(1958 - 1958)
Weekday afternoons:1958 Host/Performer/interviewer:Herb Sheldon.
Popcorn Theater:Local WABC TV Ch.7 NYC.(1958 - 1958)
Saturday mornings:9/8/1958-12/1/1958 Host/Performer:"Poppo The Clown".
Tootsie Hippodrome ABC TV Network(1952 - 1954)
Sunday mornings2/3/1952-6/28/1953-Saturday mornings:8/29/1953-1/30/1954.
The Spirit Of 76! syndicated(1976 - 1977)
Host/performer/storyteller/educator:Oscar Brand.
America's Treasure Chest NBC TV Network(1962 - 1962)
Saturday mornings 1962 host/performer:Oscar Brand.
Pip The Piper ABC &NBC TV Network 12/25/60-9/22/62(1960 - 1962)
Hosts/Performers:"Pip The Piper"(Jack Spear),"Miss Merrynote"(Mrs.Phyliss Spear),"Mr.Leader"(Lucien Kaminsky)
Its Magic! CBS TV Network(1955 - 1955)
Host/Performer:Paul Tripp Saturday nights 7/31/1955- 9/4/1955. A summer series..where Mr.Tripp and guest illusionists perform magic.
On The Carousel CBS TV Network(1953 - 1959)
Hosts/Performers/Educators/Interviewers:Allen Ludden(12/5/1953-5/29/1954),Paul & Ruth Tripp(6/5/1955-9/26/1959)
Kimagure Orange Road(1987 - 1988)
Kyosuke Kasuga, fifteen, moves to a new city and falls for Madoka Ayukawa. She's friendly when they're alone, but acts like a delinquent when in front of others. Kyosuke meanwhile struggles not to break the heart of Hikaru Hiyama, who fell in love after seeing him make an impossible basketball shot....
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