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Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show(1984 - 1989)
Sharron Hampson Lois Lilienstein and Bram Morrisson first formed their folk singing trio in 1978, after a few years of successful children's albums and touring throughout Canada and parts of the United States, they were given their own children's TV series called The Elephant Show in 1984. Bram's fr...
Kate & Allie(1984 - 1989)
Two recently divorced woman, Kate McArdle and Allie Lowel, find comfort in one another after moving into a Greenwich apartment together with their children.
Its Punky Brewster!(1985 - 1989)
An animated spinoff from the popular Punky Brewster live action sitcom. In it, Punky is once again a young girl, only this time she meets a magical furry creature that looks vaguely like an Ewok, named Glommer. Glommer is a fairytale creature that lives inside of the end of the rainbow with othes...
Little House on the Prairie(1974 - 1982)
A long-running drama based upon the auto-biographical books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Told the story of the Ingalls family, living in a frontier community in the 19th century.
Growing Pains(1985 - 1992)
Dr. Jason Seaver is a psychiatrist who works at home because his wife, Maggie, has gone back to work. So it's Jason's turn to supervise the kids: Mike, 15, more interested in having a good time than in respon- sibility; Carol, 13, the smart one; and Ben, 9, no slouch himself at getting into scrapes....
Bionic Woman(1976 - 1978)
Starring Lindsay Wagner as Jamie Sommers. A retired pro tennis player turned Californian middle school teacher experiences a parachute failure and the accident renders her a tomato. The government takes the opportunity to turn her into a government project and replaces her most damaged limbs and p...
WCW Monday Nitro(1995 - 2001)
WCW, owned by Ted Turner was in it's day the superior brand of wrestling. WCW Monday Nitro won the ratings war for 2 straight years between 1996 and 1998. Nitro debuted in the Mall Of America in 1995 and was well on it's way to the top. In 1996 collosal superstar Hulk Hogan turned heel and formed th...
Highlander: the Series(1992 - 1998)
Duncan MacLeod is Immortal, and must live in modern society, concealing his true nature while fighting other Immortals. He is aided by the "watchers"who guide him to fighting evil immortals. Film contain lots of flashbacks to his past.
Highlander: The Raven(1998 - 1999)
A female Immortal (Amanda) and thief tries to redeem herself with the help of an ex-cop.
Harry and the Henderson's(1991 - 1993)
Returning from a hunting trip in the forest, the Henderson family's car hits an animal in the road. At first they fear it was a man, but when they examine the "body" they find it's a "bigfoot". They think it's dead so they decide to take it home (there could be some money in this..). As you guessed,...
Quote O' Matic
  • Hacker Man: I was able to triangulate the cell phone signal and trace the caller. His name is Adolf Hitler.
  • Kung Fury: Hitler. He's the worst criminal of all time.
  • Hacker Man: Do you know him, sir?
  • Kung Fury: I guess you could say that. In the 1940s, Hitler was a kung-fu champion. He was so good at kung-fu, that he decided to change his name to 'Kung F├╝hrer'. But he didn't stop there. He knew the Kung Fury prophecy, and wanted to claim the throne, so he and his posse of Nazi soldiers conducted experiment...
  • Hacker Man: So what are you gonna do?
  • Kung Fury: My job. I'm gonna go back in time to Nazi Germany and kill Hitler once and for all.
  • Hacker Man: So, uh, how are you gonna do that?
  • Kung Fury: I'm not sure. I need some sort of time machine.
    [Hackerman thinks]
  • Hacker Man: Wait a minute. Using an RX modulator, I might be able to conduct a mainframe cell direct and hack the uplink to the download.
  • Kung Fury: What the hell does that mean?
  • Hacker Man: It means that with the right computer algorithms, I can hack you back in time. Just like a time machine.
  • Kung Fury: Well then. It's hacking time.
  • Kung Fury