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The Little Mermaid(1992 - 1994)
The adventures of Ariel and her friends at the age of fourteen. From her first known trouble with Ursula to her collection of human objects, the show illustrates the princess's journey as she finishes growing up. It also introduced new characters such as Ariel's merboy friend (an orphan named Urchin...
Millennium(1996 - 1999)
A former FBI profiler moves his family from Washington DC to Seattle, where he joins the Millenium Group, a mysterious organization of former law enforcement officers, committed to battling a crime wave which grows as the turn of the millenium approaches.
Reasonable Doubts(1991 - 1993)
Chicago police detective Dicky Cobb turns in some crooked cops and finds himself persona non grata in the department. He is reassigned as an investigator for assistant D.A. Tess Kaufman, partly due to the fact that she is deaf and he can sign. Tess works for District Attorney Arthur Gold, a slick op...
Silverfang(1986 - 1986)
Japanese name: Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Gin, the third generation of bear-dogs goes through many hardships for the purpose of stopping the terrifying bear, Akakabuto. Vintage: 1986-04-07 - 1986-09-22 Animated by TOEI Animations. 21 episodes were made.
Isis(1975 - 1976)
Thousands of years ago, Egyptian Queen Hatchupset was given an amulet by her Royal Wizard. This amulet empowered the queen with the powers of the goddess Isis; to command the elements of sky and earth. Flash forward to present time (1970's that is) young science teacher Andrea Thomas found this lost...
The Jamie Foxx Show(1996 - 2001)
Well, The Jamie Foxx Show focused up on the young Jamie King, who was working at his aunts and uncles hotel, the kings tower as a bellhopper. He was at california to become an aspiring actor or musician. He also worked with two other people, one which was his future fiancee,Francesca and a hotel c...
Mr. Bean(1990 - 1995)
Mr. Bean (1990-1995) is an incredibly well-loved British comedy by writer Richard Curtis and writer-star Rowan Atkinson. The show is about a very odd man about whom we know nothing except his last name, who basically wanders around, getting into trouble, finding unique solutions to predicaments, an...
Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea(1985 - 1987)
Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea revolved around two children, Matt and Rebecca, as they tried to save an underground race of humans known as Arkadians from certain doom, as their artificial sun was beginning to fail. With the help of Tehrig (a fully sentient flying robot vehicle), Arkana ( Ava...
Beast Machines(1999 - 2000)
The Maximals, fresh from their victory in the Beast Wars, arrive home to Cybertron. They wake up to a nightmare when they wake up with no memory of where they were or what they were doing when they went off-line. Now they're dodging Megatron and his newest menacing threat, the Vehicons, while tryi...
Dragon's Lair(1984 - 1984)
Modeled after the very popular video game of the same name, Dirk would battle the dragon Cinge, often in the Dragon's Lair. Dirk is the best knight in King Ethelred's kingdom, performing all sorts of great deeds and protects the kingdom and his love, Princess Daphne.
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  • "Perhaps Jem is just a stage name, like the one you use... Phyllis."
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    --Eric and Pizzazz, Truly Outrageous (Pilot 5-Parter)
  • Jem and the Holograms