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Superman(1988)(1988 - 1988)
Basically another approach to the Man of Steel. This series centers on Clark Kent/Superman (Kal- El) and the aventures in Metropolis. Is the pre Crisis Superman so he's got a lot of "views" and a lot of brains. Together with him, Jimmy olsen with his radio watch that summoned the MAn of Steel and Lo...
Mr. Dress-Up(1967 - 1996)
Mr. Dress Up would open the Tickle Trunk and entertain children with his vast array of costumes. He also had Casey and Finnegan as his sidekicks. Sadly Ernie Coomba (Mr. Dress Up) died in 2001.
Amen(1986 - 1991)
Deacon Ernest Frye was a holy terror. He was the headstrong president of the First Community Church of Philadelphia. The insufferable deacon intended to keep the church under his thumb, but the new minister, Rev. Reuben Gregory, had other ideas. Every week the Reverend quietly deflated the str...
227(1985 - 1990)
Detention(1999 - 2000)
This show is about a group of young pre-teens who tried to escape the detention room out of the clutches of the bossy Ms. Kisskillya. This is gonna be one heck of a mis-adventure (I think).
Get a Life(1990 - 1992)
The misadventures of a 30 year old paper boy and his nutty parents...
Tom and Jerry(1940 - 1967)
Classic capers of Cat and Mouse duo Tom & Jerry.
Logan's Run(1977 - 1978)
During the 23rd Century... Survivors of war are living in a dome city from the world outside. Here, in an ecologically balanced world, mankind only lives for pleasure. Freed by the servo-mechanisms which provide everything. There's just one catch. Life must end at thirty, unless reborn in the...
The Toxic Crusaders(1991 - 1992)
The cartoon follows roughly the same plot as the films The Toxic Avenger and it's two suceeding sequels. A complete and hopeless nerd, Melvin, falls into toxic waste and becomes Toxie, a hideously deformed mutant of superhuman size and strength. Teaming with other mutants, No-Zone (whose power comes...
Liquid Television(1991 - 1994)
What words come to mind when you think of Liquid Television? Perhaps smart..funny..dramatic...maybe even weird. Liquid Television was THE show for "up-and-coming" animators to show what they got. Originally shown on BBC-2 in December of 1990, MTV picked up the show in June of 1991, and lasted 3 seas...
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