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MacGruder and Loud(1985 - 1985)
Malcolm MacGruder and Jenny Loud are two cops, who are partners. Now they fall in love and get married. It seems that regulations state that if two cops are married, they cannot be partners, so they keep this thing a secret from the rest of the department.
Kids Say the Darndest Things(1998 - 2000)
Kids Say the Darndest Things is a very funny show, all Bill Cosby does is demonstrate the cute innocense of children. Cosby would ask children question who would often respond in cute and innocent ways. The series first aired as a one-time special on CBS in 1995 and was then aired as a regular serie...
Heartbeat(1988 - 2007)
There are new episodes on ITV all the time in the UK.
Dark Shadows(1991 - 1992)
An updated version of Dark Shadows with an all-new cast joined NBC's primetime schedule in 1991. Rather than picking up where the old series had left off, the NBC version retold the original story, beginning again with Victoria Winters comes to Collinwood, an isolated mansion in coastal Maine, to...
Alice(1976 - 1985)
A greasy-spoon diner in Phoenix, Arizona is the setting for this long-running series. The title character, Alice Hyatt, is an aspiring singer who arrives in Phoenix with her teenaged son, Tommy, after the death of her truck-driver husband. Alice is hired at a diner owned by Mel Sharples, a gravel-vo...
The Professionals(1977 - 1983)
All-action crime series starring Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw as Bodie and Doyle, two hard-hitting operatives with CI5, a criminal intelligence unit formed by the British government to combat organised crime, espionage and international terrorism. The show made a brief come back in the mid 90`s but...
Rising Damp(1972 - 1979)
Comedy show staring Leonard Rossiter as miserly landlord Rigsby and his love hate relationship with three tenants, Ruth, Alan and Philip.
Red Dwarf(1988 - 1999)
A hilarious British parody of Star Trek, this series follows the misadventures of the crew of the deep-space mining ship, Red Dwarf. After a severe accident occurs, a beer-guzzling slob named Dave Lister awakens from his cryogenic sleep to find it is three million years later, and he is the last hum...
Never the Twain(1988 - 1994)
Simon Peel and Oliver Smallbridge contest a bitter rivalry in all that they do. Not only are they next-door neighbours, they are also rivals in the antiques market (formerly business partners, they are now pursuing trade individually). Typifying his character, Peel believes that he deals in the best...
Minder(1981 - 1992)
The comic partnership of Arthur Daley (George Cole) and ex-con/boxer Terry McCann (Dennis Waterman) became a British institution in the 1980’s and 90’s, such was their unique blend of raw-edged humour and gritty realism. Arthur and Terry duck and dive through the criminal underworld of London, wi...
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