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The Adventures of Tintin(1991 - 1992)
Tintin and his dog Snowy, appear in a variety of world-traveling adventures (from "Tintin in America" to "Tintin and the Picaros"), which are based on the classic comic strip by Geroge "Herge" Remi from Belguim.
The State(1994 - 1995)
"The State" was a short-lived, sketch comedy show that came on MTV. They made 26 episodes during the mid-nineties. MTV no longer shows any of those episodes. Former cast members of The State went on to to form "Reno 911" and "Stella". A DVD is in the works.
Mr. Wizard's World(1983 - 1990)
Don "Mr Wizard" Herbert brought science into all of our homes with his Nickelodeon show Mr. Wizard's World. The show aired from 1983 - 1990 and reruns were shown until 2000. This makes Mr. Wizard's World the longest running show in Nickelodeon's history.
Maude(1972 - 1978)
A spin-off series of "All in the Family" focusing on the life of Maude Findlay, a liberal women living in New York with her family.
Good Times(1974 - 1979)
The spin-off series to "Maude" features an African American family in Chicago.
Dragon Quest: Dai's Great Adventure(1989 - 1991)
An anime series loosely based on the game Dragon Warrior III. Its english dub by Saban was surprisingly good. It doesn't seem like a hackjob at all heck they even used nicely ochestrated versions of the game's music as well. Unfortunately they never gave Akira Toriyama credit which resulted in a alw...
City Hunter(1987 - 1988)
A mostly episodic series that is half comedy, half crime drama. It stars Ryo Saeba, the famous "City Hunter" in which is a renowned sweeper whom excels in his skills. An expert marksmen and skilled in hand-to-hand combat he accomplishes his jobs with great expertise. However there is one bit of a...
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman(1993 - 1998)
Set in the late 1800s this show takes place when a woman from the east coast, where people are much more high matenice goes to the western frontier and learns about life. She is a female docter causing much controversie, her 1st client ends up dieing , leaving docter Quinn with three kids to raise.
The Tom Green Show(1993 - 2000)
This Canadian cult show, started on public access TV in Outtawa, Canada in the early 1990s. It was picked up by MTV and became a huge hit, than the show's star got a little too famous! (Freddie Got Fingered, anyone?)
New Monkees(1987 - 1988)
The "New Monkees" lived in a strange mansion with a mysterious butler and a sassy computer! Unlike the television show "The Monkees", which revolved around a central narrative plot, "New Monkees" television show was more of a variety show with music, short films and 'spoof' commercials. Although s...
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