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On Our Own(1994 - 1995)
On Our Own was about 8 kids who were orphaned after thier parents are killed in an accident. The eldest brother dressed as the children's aunt to keep the kids from being separated. This show was cancelled after only 1 season
Ultraman(1966 - 1972)
Ultraman is a being from Nebula M78 that protects the earth from invaders but has one weakness. He can only survive in the earth's atmosphere for three minutes. So he's gonna have to work fast! He was the creation of Japanese SFX creator Eiji Tsuburaya.
Law & Order(1990 - 2010)
Manhattan homicide detectives capture the city's violent criminals, who are prosecuted by the New York County District Attorney's Office.
Popeye and Son(1987 - 1988)
This show is the is the last segment of the Popeye series that feature Olive ,pappy ,wimpy ,Bluto,With New characters like Popeye's son and the others
Livewire(1982 - 1985)
The New Woody Woodpecker Show(1999 - 1999)
These are The New Adventures of Woody Woodpecker, in this Short Lived 1999 Series It Continued To Follow Woody Woodpecker and His Friends on Their Many Adventures! Sadly This Show Was Short Lived Due To Poor Rating's, and because of that. It was Cancelled The Same Year it Came Out.
Brimstone(1998 - 1999)
Detective Ezekiel Stone (Peter Horton) murders his wife's rapist, and then dies in the line of duty and is sent to hell for his sins. 113 souls escape from hell, and the devil gives Stone a chance to earn his way out. If he can go back to earth and recapture these 113 souls, he's free to go. also fe...
Teen Wolf(1986 - 1989)
Based on the movie starring Michael J Fox, the show follows the further adventures of the budding young werewolf Scott Howard, and for some strange reason, new family members never mentioned in the movie are living in the Howard house. Unlike the movie where everyone knows Scott's a werewolf. In...
MTV's Say What Karaoke!(1998 - 2000)
Guests would sing karaoke along to songs in front of a live audience and were judged and eliminated. The finale of each show included spinning a wheel and sing whatever song the landed on. A pre-American Idol like show.
The Big Comfy Couch(1992 - 2006)
This show is about a clown named Loonette and her doll named Molly. They live on a big comfy couch in Clown Town and experience fun times with their neighbors Granny Garbonzo and her cat snickelfritz, Major Bedhead, the clown mail delivery man, and Auntie Macassar and Uncle Chester. Most of the time...
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