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Family Ties(1982 - 1989)
What was unique about Family Ties was that it blended family comedy with politics. The 1960's flower children, Steven and Elyse clashed with the 1980's conservative, Alex. The show, in a way, showed the changing values during the Reagan era. Besides political views, Family Ties covered a number of c...
The Jeff Foxworthy Show(1995 - 1997)
Sitcom starring Jeff Foxworth.In the first season Jeff is a heating and cooling repairman,living with his pregnant wife and son in Indiana.In the second season Jeff moves down to Georgia,with his wife,and their two sons.
Life Goes On(1989 - 1993)
A TV-series about the life of the Thatchers, especially "Corky", that has Down syndrome but goes to ordinary school ("mainstreaming). We get into their problems and joys. Drew Thatcher's dream comes true when he is able to open his own restaurant, but it's a hard business, and he often run into prob...
Simon and Simon(1981 - 1988)
Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker star as Rick and Andrew Jackson "A.J." Simon, brothers working as private detectives in San Diego. The show also stars WKRP's Tim Reid (Venus Flytrap) as police Detectove Marcel "Downtown" Brown and Mary Carver as Cecelia Simon, the mother of Rick and A.J. Typica...
ALF: The Animated Series(1987 - 1989)
The emmy winning animated series that tells the story of Alf's (or rather Gordin Shumway) life on Melmak before it was destroyed. Gordin and his friends were fighter pilots in the orbitle guard, and it was there duty to protect Melmak from the megalomaniac Larson Peddie and his army of melmacion tr...
America's Most Wanted(1988 - 2013)
A weekly series, hosted by John Walsh, that is dedicated to the pursuit and capture of America's most dangerous criminals. John Walsh began his work pursuing dangerous criminals after the abduction and murder of his son Adam in 1985. The series profiles dangerous criminals with high-budget reproduct...
Blue Thunder(1984 - 1984)
Based on the movie the show follows the further stories of the LAPD's newest strike force anchored by the super helicopter Blue Thunder as they take on the city's deadliest criminals.
Bosom Buddies(1980 - 1982)
Starring a young Tom Hanks, this show is about two friends who work in an ad agency. They were evicted from their apartment, but by the help of a female friend they found a new place to live. There's just one catch, its a womens only hotel, and they have to dress in drag in order to keep living in t...
Cagney & Lacey(1982 - 1988)
Television police drama starring two female cops as partners. Their contrasting personalities (one is tough and the other sensitive) strengthen them as a team, allowing each a different perspective on both personal and professional situations. Mary Beth Lacey was the married one, trying to be a wife...
ER(1984 - 1985)
Dr. Sheinfeld, freshly divorced, becomes physician on call at the emergency room of a Chicago hospital, where he soon locks horns with the vivacious Dr. Eve Sheridan and attracts the puppy-love of (pediatrics) Nurse Cory. Situational humor mixes with tense medical crises. Dr. Sheinfeld is played...
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