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Minder(1981 - 1992)
The comic partnership of Arthur Daley (George Cole) and ex-con/boxer Terry McCann (Dennis Waterman) became a British institution in the 1980’s and 90’s, such was their unique blend of raw-edged humour and gritty realism. Arthur and Terry duck and dive through the criminal underworld of London, wi...
7th Heaven(1996 - 2007)
The Camden family, a moderately liberal Christian family living in California, face the challenges of trying to live a moral life in a confusing world. Jam-packed with positive role models and thinly disguised public service announcements, this show may seem very conservative to the casual watcher (...
Lady Blue(1985 - 1986)
A female Chicago detective plays by her own rules to go after drug dealers. STARRING JAMIE ROSE AND DANNY AIELLO NEVER SHOWN IN UK BUT PILOT WAS VERY BIG ON VIDEO IN UK
Webster(1983 - 1989)
The post-retirement season is suddenly disrupted for football player George Papadapolis and his wife Katherine when Webster, the orphaned son of a former teammate, moves in. Laughter -- and life lessons -- in every episode.
Only When I Laugh(1982 - 1986)
A comedy set in the ward of an NHS hospital near Leeds where an odd trio will have you laughing every show.
Mad About You(1992 - 1999)
Television comedy featuring Paul and Jaime Buchman as a recently married couple living in New York City. They point out the gentle humor of domesticity and in the everyday situations of life.
Action Man (2000)(1995 - 1997)
Blue's Clues(1996 - 2006)
A paper cut-out show with a live action lead character named Steve. Steve lived with his puppy, Blue and figured out what Blue wanted to say through a trio of clues. The show set a standard format for kids shows to follow by having almost the exact same sequence of events occur at the same time ever...
Crazy Like A Fox(1984 - 1987)
The Crazy Like A Fox tv show was about a smart, old private detective and his son, a young hip lawyer. The father constantly found clients that were in trouble with the law, but innocent and his son helped him prove that they are innocent. Father and son didn't get along very well, but they always g...
Last of the Summer Wine(1973 - 2010)
Comady show set in a small Yorkshire town about three men in there 60`s and what they get up to now they no longer work. It also shows some other people that live in the town. More characters were added as the years went on and as some sadly died. Its so far the longest running comady show in the wo...
Quote O' Matic
  • Detective Billy Rosewood: Wow. You know, it says here that by the time the average American is fifty, he has five pounds of undigested red meat in his bowels.
    -Detective Billy Rosewood
  • Beverly Hills Cop