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The Horn & Hardart Children's Hour NBC(1949 - 1957)
Sunday Mornings 1/30/1949 to 5/26/1957 Host/performer/announcer:Ed Herlihy.
Smlin' Ed & His Buster Brown Gang NBC & ABC(1950 - 1955)
Saturday evenings 8/25/1950 to 4/16/1955 Host/performer/creator/"Froggy's voice":Smilin Ed McConnell,Regulars:Nino Marcel,Vito Scotti,Lou Krugman,Rolfe Sedan,Billy Gilbert.
The Singing Lady ABC 11/7/1948 to 8/6/1950(1948 - 1950)
Host/performer/creator:"The Singing Lady":Irenne Wicker,The Suzari Puppets.
Uncle Johnny CoonsCBS & NBC TV(1954 - 1956)
Saturday afternoons 9/4/1954 to 12/1/1956 Host/Performer:"Uncle Johnny"Coons.
Uncle Paul's Lunchtime Local:WABD TV Ch.5 NYC(1956 - 1956)
Weekday afternoons Monday June 11,1956 to Friday June 22,1956 Host/performer/Head Puppeteer:Paul Ashley,Assistant puppeteer:Chuck McCann.
Cubix(2001 - 2003)
Cubix (Korean: 큐빅스; retitled 로보짱 큐빅스 for the KBS broadcast; subtitled Robots for Everyone in the United States) is a South Korean animated television series created by Cinepix. 4Kids Entertainment acquired the rights for an English adaption dub to the series in 2001, retaining them until their trans...
Studio Party:Local:WABD TV Ch.5 NYC(1958 - 1958)
Weekday afternoons:1958 Host/Performer/interviewer:Herb Sheldon.
Popcorn Theater:Local WABC TV Ch.7 NYC.(1958 - 1958)
Saturday mornings:9/8/1958-12/1/1958 Host/Performer:"Poppo The Clown".
Tootsie Hippodrome ABC TV Network(1952 - 1954)
Sunday mornings2/3/1952-6/28/1953-Saturday mornings:8/29/1953-1/30/1954.
The Spirit Of 76! syndicated(1976 - 1977)
Host/performer/storyteller/educator:Oscar Brand.
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  • DuckTales