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Berserk (2016)(2016 - 2016)
Now branded for death and destined to be hunted by demons until the day he dies, Guts embarks on a journey to defy such a gruesome fate, as waves of beasts relentlessly pursue him. Steeling his resolve, he takes up the monstrous blade Dragonslayer and vows to exact vengeance on the one responsible,...
The Art Club has a Problem!(2016 - 2016)
Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! focuses on an art club in a certain middle school, and its members: Subaru Uchimaki, who is a genius at drawing faces, but only wants to draw the perfect 2D wife; Colette, a rich troublemaker who never stops making mischief; and the club president, who sleeps thro...
Getter Robo Gou(1991 - 1992)
A new Getter robot is piloted by three youth as they combat the evil terrors that plague the world.
Change!! Getter Robo: Sekai Saigo no Hi(1998 - 1999)
Dr. Saotome returns from the dead after being seemingly murdered by Getter pilot Nagare Ryoma and threatens the world with his ultimate creation: the Shin Dragon. Ryoma reluctantly teams up with his former co-pilots Jin Hayato and Tomoe Mushashi to combat Dr. Saotome. The pilots must also deal with...
Robot King Daioja(1981 - 1981)
Eden 1 rules over about 50 planets throughout the galaxy. With the aid of his two faithful retainers Duke Sukedo and Baron Kakusu, Prince Mito decides to undertake a royal inspection tour of the planets undercover. However, the empire is a dangerous place and is plagued with vice feudal lords and co...
One Step Beyond(1959 - 1961)
Classic golden age anthology show in the same vein as the Twilight Zone and the Outer Limits.
NBC News: Election Coverage(1948 - Current)
The first NBC News live election coverage on television which was in 1948, since then every 4 years, NBC News has been doing election coverage through all the United States including the race for the Presidency, the U.S. Senate races, the U.S. House of Representative races, and other U.S. political...
Mobile Police Patlabor: On Television(1989 - 1990)
In the future, advanced robotics has created heavy robots ("labors") for use in a variety of functions: construction, fire-fighting, military, and more. However, though the robots are only machines, their operators are also only human—and humans sometimes turn to crime. Since a heavy labor unit can...
Let's Go Quintuplets!(2001 - 2002)
This anime series shows the life of quintuplets who are "in the same 1st grade in the same school". Most popular in the Netherlands, Italy and New Zealand. Dubbed in English in Canada. Japanese original title: Go! Go! Itsutsugo Land (ゴーゴー五つ子ら・ん・ど)
Blood Lad(2013 - 2013)
Staz Charlie Blood is a powerful vampire who rules the Eastern district of Demon World. According to rumors, he is a bloodthirsty and merciless monster, but in reality, Staz is just an otaku obsessed with Japanese culture and completely uninterested in human blood. Leaving the management of his terr...
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