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Pirate Family(1999 - 2004)
A Franch/Canadian/German/Polish animated series. Victor MacLimpet is a pirate with bad luck in finding treasures. He always tries to make money different way. His family are: his wife: Lucille, his daughter: Scampi, his son: Winkle. 40 episodes, 2 seasons. English version… exists.
Saint Tail(1995 - 1996)
"Saint Tail" is a 43-episode anime about a schoolgirl named Meimi Haneoka, who transforms into a magical girl named Saint Tail, who takes back items that were previously stolen dishonestly and returns them to their proper place. Only the first 15 episodes were dubbed into English by Tokyopop.
Travel Quest(1994 - 1996)
Hosted by Alan Thicke
Joshua Jones(1991 - 1992)
The series was about a cheerful fellow named Joshua Jones who lives on a canal boat with his canine companion Fairport. They take trips up and down Clearwater Canal, delivering items and carrying out tasks for the folks at Biggott Warf.
You're In The Picture(1961 - 1961)
You're In The Picture earns the dubious honor of being the 1st TV show to get cancelled on U.S. TV after just 1 episode. This was to be a game show hosted by Jackie Gleason in which a panel of 4 people stick their heads into a cutout picture & must guess what sort of picture it was. The show was a...
My Favorite Martian(1963 - 1966)
A show about a humanized martian named Uncle Martin. They live in a garage apartment in Los Angeles California. And it was first aired on CBS.
LarryBoy The Cartoon Adventures(2002 - 2002)
Big Idea
TBS VERRYFUNNY(2005 - 2014)
TBS Veryfunny
Cyborg Kuro-chan(1999 - 2001)
A house cat who protects his elderly owners is captured by a scientist and turned into a robot so he can be used in an army to take over the world. Kuro runs away to try and live a normal life, while many different things get in the way.
The Protectors(1972 - 1973)
The Protectors was a British-produced syndicated TV adventure series about 3 international crime fighters who take on organized crime. The show starred Robert Vaughn as the boss Harry Rule, Nyree Dawn Porter as a widowed Italian noblewoman & Tony Anholt as Frenchman Paul Bouchet.
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