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Little King Macius(2002 - 2006)
52-episode animated series based on a novel by Janusz Korczak. Little Macius become a king after his father died. Evil general wants to dethrone him and take over the country. A French-German-Polish coproduction.
Antje(2001 - 2003)
German animated series for children. The main characters (Antje, Little Bear, Little Tiger and Schlüter) are making an adventurous travel in each episode. Based on Janosch's ideas. Produced by Papa Löwe Filmproduktion. Animated (mainly) in Poland.
Papa Löwe(2000 - 2001)
"Papa Löwe und seine glücklichen Kinder" is a German animated series for children consisting of 26 episodes. In each episode small lions and their dad are having fun while the mom is in work. Based on Janosch's ideas. Produced by Papa Löwe Filmproduktion. Animated (mainly) in Poland.
The Jules… Dog's Life(1997 - 2003)
A French animated series for children created and directed by Picha, a known Belgian cartoonist who made many cartoons for adults. The series' main characters are two dog siblings who both have name Jule. Shown in France, Spain, Italy and Poland (where the whole series was animated). Original title:...
The Little Rascals (Cartoon series)(1982 - 1984)
The series aired originally aired on ABC and was set in the California town of Greenpoint, supposedly in the early-1980s, with references to rock music, computers, television, and push-button traffic controls.
City Under Siege on KRIV Fox 26 (1989) (1980)(1986 - Current)
City Under Siege on KRIV Fox 26 (1989) (1980)
city under siege(1986 - 1991)
Under Siege on KRIV Fox 26 (1989) (1980)
Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks(2003 - 2007)
Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks (or Jakers in Europe) is an American-British computer-animated children's television series. The series was broadcast in the United States on PBS Kids from September 7, 2003 to January 24, 2007.
Femme Fatales(2011 - 2012)
An anthology TV series, inspired by the men's magazine of the same name, produced by and aired on Cinemax from 2011 to 2012.
Sex, Love & Secrets(2005 - 2005)
Set in the hip neighborhood of Silver Lake in Southern California, a group of twenty-something close-knit friends approaches the next phase of their lives and struggles to find themselves.
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