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Make Room for Daddy(1953 - 1964)
Originally known as The Danny Thomas Show. Danny Williams, a successful nightclub singer, encounters a variety of difficult or amusing situations.
Mr.Peppermint(1961 - 1970)
Local:WFAA TV Ch.8 Dallas/Fort Worth,Tx. 1961 to 1970. Host/Performer/Interviewer/Educator:"Mr.Peppermint"(Jerry Haynes),Head puppeteer:Vern Daily.
The First Look(1966 - 1966)
NBC TV Network saturday afternoons 10/16/1966 to 4/91966 Host/Performer/Narrator/Interviewer:Oscar Brand,Assistants:Sally Sheffield, Jackie Washington,Neal Adams.
The CBS Cartoon Theater(1956 - 1956)
CBS TV Network Wednesday nights 6/13/1956 to 9/5/1956 Host/Performer/Narrator:Dick Van Dyke. "Terrytoons"Cartoon characters:"Heckle & Jeckle","Gandy Goose","Little Roquefort,"Dinky Duck".
The Colgate Comedy Hour(1950 - 1955)
NBC TV Network Sunday Nights 1950 to 1955 Hosts/Performers:Fred Alen,Eddie Cantor,Abbott & Costello,Donald O'Connor,Jimmy Durante and Martin & Lewis.
Uncle Mistletoe(1948 - 1952)
Syndicated,1952 Host/Performers:Jenniefer Holt and Doris Larson,Head Puppeteers:Pat Percy & Helen York,Puppet voices:Johnny Conns
Mr.Mayor(1964 - 1965)
CBS TV Network Saturday Mornings 9/26/1964 to 9/18/1965 "Mr.Mayor":Bob Keeshan,"Aunt Maude","Miss Melissa","Ma.Homan":Jane Connell,"Dudley Dudley","Junior Homan":Bill McCutcheon,"Pa Homan","Rollo The Hippo":Cosmo Allegretti.
Popsicle Five Star Comedy(1957 - 1957)
ABC TV Network Saturday nights 5/18/1957 to 6/15/1957 Hosts/Perfomers:Paul Winchell,Jerry Colonna,Olsen & Johnson,Senor Wences and Bob Bean.
Mr.Ed(1961 - 1966)
CBS TV Thursday and Sunday Nights 1961 to 1966 "Wilbur Post":Alan Young,"Carol Post":Connie Hines,"Roger and Kay Addison":Larry Keating And Edna Skinner,"Col.Gordon Kirkwood":Leon Ames","Winnie Kirkwood":Florence MacMichael.
Exploring(1962 - 1966)
NBC TV Network Saturday afternoons 10/13/1962 to 4/19/1966 Host/Narrator/inteviewer/Educator:Dr.Albert Hibbs,Regulars:The Ritts Puppets And The Gus Solomon Dancers.