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The Young Rebels(1970 - 1971)
The Young Rebels was an NBC adventure series about youths who formed a secret group opposed to the British during the American Revolution. The show featured a then-unknown Louis Gossett, Jr. as an ex-slave who was a member of the group.
The Young Ones(1982 - 1984)
The Young Ones first aired in 1982 on British television as part of the 'alternative comedy movement'. It was about four dysfunctional college students sharing a house. Neil Pye, is the hippie that does all the cleaning and lentil cooking. Mike TheCoolPerson is the smooth but mysterious 'normal'...
Young Nicholas(2009 - Current)
Based from French books of Le petit Nicolas. This animated series attracted young viewers. This show was shown in French, German as "Der Kleine Nick", Hebrew, Arabic and other languages in different countries but was never released in the United States.
The Young Lawyers(1970 - 1971)
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles(1992 - 1996)
This series showed Indy as a young adult.
Young Hercules(1998 - 1999)
This show follows a teenage Hercules on his quest through the academy where he is being trained in defense. Along the way he makes new friends and comes to face the challenges from the Gods.
You and Me, Kid(1983 - 1991)
You and Me, Kid was television series that aired on The Disney Channel in 1983. It was hosted by Sonny Melendrez. The show helped parents and their kids. (Such as exercising, fun projects, art work, and fun stuffs).
You Don't Say(1963 - 1979)
You Don't Say! was original a local show in Los Angeles, airing on KTLA/channel 5 in 1962. It was so popular that it went national on NBC on April 1, 1969. The original show had two celebrity/civilian teams giving clues as to the identity of the fames of famous people or places. The clues were se...
You Can't Do That On Television(1979 - 1990)
A Canadian children's show, best known for being the first hit show on Nickelodeon. It brought Nick's trademark, green slime, among other things to the network. Many young Canadians appeared on the show during the course of its run, the most famous being Alanis Morrisette, whom appeared on the show...
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