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Walter and Emily(1991 - 1992)
A divorced sportswriter reluctantly allows his bickering parents to help raise his son in order to maintain custody of the boy, who is a magnet for trouble.
Walt Disney's Mickey and Donald(1981 - 1981)
"Walt Disney's Mickey and Donald" was a television series on CBS that first aired in 1981, featuring classic Disney shorts, two years before Disney unveiled The Disney Channel.
Walker, Texas Ranger(1993 - 2001)
Cordell Walker (Chuck Norris) is a Texas Ranger. He is a rough-and-tumble "cowboy" cop, who drives a big Dodge pickup, and busts everybody from organized crime bosses, to child beaters, to drug runners. He does his duty to the State of Texas with help of his buddy, Rookie Ranger James Trivette (Cl...
Walker,Texas Ranger(1993 - 2012)
Chuck Norris round house kicked people in the face. That was pretty much your whole show.
Wake, rattle and roll(1990 - 1992)
Wake, Rattle, and Roll was a children's TV show about a boy and his robot from around 1991. The robot's head appeared to be made of a Sony U-matic cassette. The show's theme song featured a version of the song Shake, Rattle and Roll. The show had three cartoons. Fender bender 500-- The Wac...
Wait Til Your Father Gets Home(1972 - 1974)
Wait Till Your Father Gets Home was an animated television series produced from 1972 to 1974. The 49 episodes features Tom Bosley as Harry Boyle, the long-suffering suburban everyman dad and restaurant equipment dealer. The Boyle family consists of father Harry, wife Irma (voiced by Joan Gerber),...
Wait Till Your Father Gets Home(1972 - 1974)
Wait Till Your Father Gets Home follows the lives of the Boyles family. Harry Boyle, the father, Irma, the typical housewife, and their three children: Chet, Alice, and Jamie. Chet, is a 22 year old college dropout, Alice, an overweight 16-year-old, and Jamie is the Capitalist of the family, even t...
Wait 'till You Have Kids(1996 - 1997)
Three male/female couples (most of the time parents, but occasionally grandparents or couples without children) match their own parenting styles with those of a professional parenting expert by answering questions dealing with a scenario involving a family's child or children in some way.
The Wacky World of Tex Avery!(1997 - 1998)
this is a Wacky Series that brings you into The Wacky World of Tex Avery Where Anything can happen!
Wacky Races(1968 - 1970)
IT'S THE WACKY RACES!!!, the wacky racers must race all over the world to win to be the world best wacky racer...but they better watch out for the double o, Dick Dastardly! The series was inspired by the movie The Great Race. It ran on CBS from September 14, 1968 to September 5, 1970. Seventeen e...
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