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Top of the Heap(1991 - 1991)
'Top of the Heap' was Fox's extremely short-lived spin-off of the network's firmly established sitcom 'Married with Children'. The show was created by 'Married' creator Ron Leavitt and 'Married' Producer Arther Silver. The show starred Joseph Bologna as Charlie Verducci and future 'Friends' star M...
Top Cops(1990 - 1993)
Top Cat(1961 - 1962)
Set in the Alleys of New York, "Top Cat" tells the story of a gang of low-life cats with their charismatic Leader, Top Cat. With ability and mischief, Top Cat will always try to get rich gambling, to eat for free, or to play jokes on someone, but he is always being watched by Officer Dibble, who is...
too something(1995 - 1996)
Toonheads(1996 - 2003)
A show formily aired on Cartoon Network that told us about amazing and interesting facts about our past cartoons.
Toonami(1997 - Current)
Toonami debuted on March 17, 1997 to the United States Cartoon Network originally it aired weekdays from 4-6pm than in summer 1999 when the TOM era began it extended to 4-7 than in summer 2001 it was shortened to 5-7pm than in summer 2002 went back to it's old 4-7pm format and from there it's had he...
Too Close For Comfort(1980 - 1985)
Based on the British sitcom "Keep in the Family", Too Close For Comfort was set in San Francisco and starred Ted Knight and Jim J. Bullock. It ran on ABC from 1980-1983, then it was sold for syndication and was re-titled "The Ted Knight Show" where it continued to be a success until Ted's passing...
The Tony Orlando & Dawn Show(1973 - 1977)
In 1974, Tony Orlando & DawnÂ’s already huge recording career morphed into a hit weekly CBS-TV variety show, the result of a very successful 4-week summer replacement run. Originating as The Tony Orlando & Dawn Show and ending as The Tony Orlando & Dawn Rainbow Hour, the show received strong ratings...
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno(1992 - 2014)
The Tonight Show is NBC's late-night talk/comedy show and the first and longest running late-night talk show on television. Steve Allen was the very first host of the show in its 1954 debut, but it's longest and most well-known host is Johnny Carson, host from 1962 to 1992. Jay Leno took over in 199...
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson(1962 - 1992)
The long-time NBC late-night talk show starring Johnny Carson, not the guy who invented this type of show, but the guy who popularized it. Carson's show established the modern format of a late-night talk show: A monologue sprinkled with a rapid-fire series of sixteen to twenty-two one-liners—Carson...
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