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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)(2003 - 2009)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an American animated television series, mainly set in New York City. It first aired on February 8, 2003 and ended on February 28, 2009. (i can't make the description any longer)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(1987 - 1996)
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" is a commercially reconstructed cartoon of a popular underground "graph-vel" of the same name. The story kicks off with a headstrong television journalist named April O'Neil investigating the goings-on of a recent warehouse break-in. A gang of bruts chases her into t...
Teen, Win, Lose, or Draw(1989 - 1992)
"Teen, Win, Lose, or Draw" was created by actor Burt Reynolds and the original "Win, Lose, or Draw" host Bert Convy, and was Hosted by actor Marc Price. Based on the original "Win, Lose, or Draw", The series was basically an adaption of the old party game Charades, and had two teams of three players...
Teamo Supremo(2002 - 2004)
Teamo Supremo is an animated television series created by Disney. Animated in the limited animation style pioneered by Jay Ward, predecessors which inspired its style, it tells of three superhero kids: Captain Crandall, Skate Lad, and Rope Girl. These three protect their state from all sorts of supe...
Team Knight Rider(1997 - 1998)
Fifteen years have past since Michael Knight and KITT roamed the California countryside, eliminating obstacles and persons under the guise of FLAG, the Foundation for Law and Government. Now, Michael Knight is replaced by five, cunning yet clever operatives, and KITT is replaced by five other sophis...
Teacher's Pet(2000 - 2002)
Teacher's Pet (also known as Disney's Teacher's Pet) is an American animated television series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation and directed by Timothy Björklund. The series follows a 9-year-old boy and his dog who dresses up as a boy. Created by Gary Baseman, Bill Steinkellner and Cheri...
Tcft and 20th televison(1955 - Current)
They are fox companys
TBS VERRYFUNNY(2005 - 2014)
TBS Veryfunny
Taz mania(1991 - 1993)
A show about Taz, the Tasmanian Devil Looney Toon famous for his destructive spinning around and unintelligible noisemaking. He lives with his family and weird animal friends in the outback.
Taz-Mania(1991 - 1993)
Fox Kids, Cartoon Network & Boomerang
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  • Claudia: "Madeleine, Louis is shy."

    Madeleine (taking off her choker, revealing bite wounds): "Drink."

    (Louis turns away)

    Claudia: "Do it, Louis! For I cannot do it. I haven't the strength. You saw to that when you made me."

    Louis: "You haven't the slightest comprehension under God wh...
  • Interview with the Vampire