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These Are the Days(1974 - 1975)
This dramatic animated series followed Martha Day, a widow trying to raise her three children--Kathy, Danny, and Ben--in early 20th century America.
Theodore Tugboat(1993 - 2001)
Theodore Tugboat is a television show for children about a little tugboat, his friends, and their adventures in the Big Harbour. In Canada it aired on CBC Television and here in the United States it aired on Pbs Noggin and qubo.
That's So Raven(2002 - 2007)
That's So Raven is an American sitcom television show broadcast on the Disney Channel. The plot revolves around fashionable teenager Raven Baxter's schemes to get herself, her friends, or family members, out of a wacky situation, usually by using her psychic powers and her skills as a master of disg...
That's My Mama(1974 - 1975)
Starring Clifton Davis as a barber that lives with his mother (Theresa Merritt). Clifton Davis .... Clifton Curtis Theresa Merritt .... 'Mama' Eloise Curtis Teddy Wilson .... Earl Chambers (as Theodore Wilson) Lynne Moody .... Tracy Curtis Taylor (1974-1975) Jester Hairston .... Wil...
That's My Dog(1991 - 1995)
Canines, with the help of their human family members, compete in a looney game show, performingtricks and running obstcle courses
That's Incredible(1980 - 1984)
That's Incredible followed the debut of REAL PEOPLE and was along the same lines as that show. People came on with incredible feats and wowed the hosts and audience. Hosts: John Davidson, Kathy Lee Crosby, Fran Tarkenton. In the early 1980s, a young golf prodigy named Eldrick "Tiger" Woods made...
That '70s Show(1998 - 2006)
Set in the era of Led Zeppelin 8-tracks, Tab colas and Farrah Fawcett posters, THAT '70s SHOW continues to flash back to the "Me Decade" during the seventh season. The nostalgic series comes from celebrated producers Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner ("Roseanne," "The Cosby Show") and wildly inventive cr...
The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn't(1972 - 1972)
Little Jimmy and Janie, playing outside on a swing, are called for Thanksgiving dinner. Ready to dig in, their father asks them if they forgot something, and the family bows their head to pray. Outside the comfortable home, up a tree, Father Squirrel (voice talent of Vic Perrin) watches the family p...
TGIF(1989 - 2005)
TGIF was a Friday night block of sitcoms on ABC. The block was designed by ABC as a family-friendly alternative to other channels. ABC was known for featuring family-friendly Friday night programming since the 1950s. When Jim Janicek became president of ABC, he envisioned a new programming block to...
The Tex Avery Show(1996 - 2002)
The Tex Avery Show is an animated showcase of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Warner Bros. cartoon shorts prominently by animator Tex Avery (a.k.a. Fred Avery). The showcase premiered on the Cartoon Network in 1996 (not long after the Time Warner-Turner merger allowed for common ownership of all but four of...
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