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Strawberry Shortcake(1980 - 1980)
The show might have only lasted 6 episodes, but Strawberry Shortcake's empire continues to this day. Strawberry was originally conceived by Hallmark in 1980 as a greeting card character. Soon the village of Strawberryland grew lots of friends including Raspberry Tart, Apple Dumpling, Blueberry Muffi...
Strange World(1999 - 2002)
Strange Luck(1995 - 1996)
A photographer- appropriately named Chance- suffers from strange luck and good and bad events occur to him on a daily basis. Starring D.B. Sweeney
Storytime(1992 - 1997)
A children's reading television series that aired on PBS during the 90s. The show was hosted by a puppet named Kino, and co-hosted by two women named Lucy and Mara. This educational series also featured celebrity guest stars that would read to children in the audience and to viewers at home.
The Story of Cinderella (Cinderella Monogatari)(1996 - 1996)
A 26-episode story of Cinderella. Produced by Tatsunoko Prod. (Japan) and Mondo TV (Italy).
Storybook Squares(1969 - 1977)
The Hollywood Squares set was heavily redecorated into a storybook wonderland, with two children sitting in the contestant seats. The amount screens remained blank; the winner of each round won a prize, like a small RCA color TV or even a small sailboat. If the show ran out of time during the last...
Stop Susan Williams(1979 - 1979)
Stoppit and Tidyup(1988 - 1992)
Stoppit and Tidyup was a kids programme narrated by Terry Wogan. The main characters all had names that kids would hear their parents say, e.g. Stoppit, Tidyup, Hurryup, Notnow, Calmdown, Takecare, Eatyourgreens... and they all lived in the land of Do-As-Your-Told.
Stone Protectors(1993 - 1993)
Stone Protectors was a multi-media entertainment property consisting primarily of an action figure line and animated series. The series also had a video game on the Super Nintendo and a Beta on the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis. Only lasted 13 episodes.
Stingray(1985 - 1987)
Ray is a shadowy character with a mysterious 'secret agent' past. People in trouble often come to him for help, since he has a lot of important and powerful contacts. He refuses to be paid for his services; however, those seeking his assistance must promise him a favor. Some time in the future, Ray...
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