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Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!(2004 - 2006)
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! (commonly known by its initialism, SRMTHFG) is an American/Japanese animated television series, and was created by Ciro Nieli, one of the directors of Teen Titans, Produced by Jetix Animation Concepts with animation being done by a Japanese studio known as The...
Super Robot Metalder(1987 - 1988)
During World War II, robotics expert Professor Koga was assigned by the Japanese military to create robotic soldiers, which would be turned loose against the allies. That is, until he got word that his son, Takao Koga, had been killed in battle. He then washed his hands clean of the whole thing, loc...
The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians(1986 - 1987)
Dc comics cartoon.
Super Pig(1994 - 1997)
English-dubbed Japanese anime cartoon about a girl Kassie Carlen, who transmutes into a big hero pig and helps other people. Ran in Japan from 1994 to 1995. English dub was produced by Saban in 1997 and never(?) shown in USA. Based on manga series.
Super Password(1984 - 1989)
This updated version of Password hosted by Bert Convy pitts two teams of two players (one celebrity & one contestant) in a game of identifying password & solving puzzles. The first team to reach $500 or more plays for a jackpot which starts at $5,000 & grows by that amount until won.
Super Nanny(2004 - 2011)
Nanny Jo Frost spends a week with a family that has unmanageable children to give the family tips on how to improve. Frost is a proponent of the "naughty chair" and is strictly opposed to spanking.
Supermarket Sweep(1965 - 2003)
This show featured a few teams of contestants who would answer questions about grocery products and guess prices of groceries to get points. The high point of the show is to collect as much groceries as you can to win. Originally, Supermarket Sweep started as a travelling game show from 1965-1967 o...
Super Mario World(1991 - 1991)
Super Mario World (also sometimes referred to unofficially as The Super Mario World Show and originally known as Captain N and the New Super Mario World when it was originally aired with the last 7 episodes of Captain N) was the last of the three American Mario cartoons. The show was based largely o...
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!(1989 - 1991)
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! was the mixed live action and animated series that aired on NBC Saturday Mornings . The first part of it was live-action and showed Mario (played by Captain Lou Albano) and Luigi (Danny Wells) living in Brooklyn, where they would often be visited by celebrity guest...
Superman: The Animated Series(1996 - 2000)
Branching out from their work in the Batman mythos, Bruce Timm and Paul Dini created this masterpiece, at once an extensive of their earlier work, and a unique creation in its own right. It is perhaps the greatest adaptation of the comics into dynamic medium, just as its predecessor, "Batman: TAS",...
Quote O' Matic
  • Uncle Wally: Uh, Phil?
  • Phil Donahue: Yes, Uncle Wally?
  • Uncle Wally: I think the ducky has something to say.
  • Bob: No, Uncle Wally. The ducky doesn't say anything. He just squeaks.
  • Uncle Wally: Then I say "Let the ducky squeak."
  • David: Uh, Hey listen, Phil. I have happened to agree with Uncle Wally. I must declared on this. So let the ducky squeak, let the ducky squeak.
  • Sesame Street