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RTE News: 9 O'Clock(1961 - Current)
This is a weeknight irish tv news program on Ireland's RTE 1.
RPG Densetsu Hepoi(1990 - 1991)
The adventure of Hepoi, a hero of heporis, Ryuuto, the prince of Dragonia, Miiya Miiya a fairy looks like a cat, and Bunzaemon, a merchant, to defeat Dracunes, the King of dark side castles.
Rozen maiden(2004 - 2013)
In the 20th century, a legendary doll maker named Rozen created seven bisque dolls which were powered and given sentience with a gem called Rosa Mystica.Phase 2 Since then, Rozen sent the dolls away to find masters and to battle among themselves to gather each other's Rosa Mysticas; this competition...
royal family(2003 - 2004)
Royal Canadian Air Farce(1995 - Current)
Roxie(1987 - 1987)
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In(1968 - 1973)
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (often simply referred to as Laugh-In) is an American sketch comedy television program that ran for 140 episodes from January 22, 1968, to March 12, 1973, on the NBC television network. It was hosted by comedians Dan Rowan and Dick Martin and featured, at various times, Che...
Route 66(1993 - 1993)
Remake of the classic show
Route 66(1960 - 1964)
The adventures of two young drifters across America on Highway Route 66.
Round The Twist(1990 - 2001)
The Twist family- Tony and his children Linda, Pete and Benson- move to the isle of Niranda, soon discovering it's not all it seems. The local lighthouse is perpetually enchanted, and the island is a hub for tree spirits, vikings, and all manner of magic, leading to many an adventure. The Twists...
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