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Real People(1979 - 1984)
REAL PEOPLE was the fore-runner to THAT'S INCREDIBLE and other like shows. Hosts: Skip Stephenson, Sarah Purcell, Byron Allen, Bill Rafferty, Fred Williard. The show highlighted people with unique occupations and hobbies. Segments included "funny pictures".
Real Kids, Real Adventures(1998 - 2001)
Based on the true events of children who have to overcome situations to save someone's life.
The Real Ghostbusters(1986 - 1991)
Inspired by the 1984 feature film, The further adventures of the Ghostbusters: Peter, Ray, Egon, Winston and Slimer as they seek to catch ghosts, protect New York City... and make money! They're ready to believe you! The cartoon is titled "The Real Ghostbusters" as Filmation had already made a ca...
The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest(1996 - 1999)
The much anticipated continuation of one of the most recognized action cartoons of all time, "The Real Adventures..." featured a slightly darker and more supernatural feel, while still reataining the same sense of variety as the original. Villians somtimes suffered brutal (offscreen) death such as b...
Ready or Not(1993 - 1997)
Follow the ups and downs of life with best friends Amanda Zimm and Busy Ramone as they deal with adolescence, boys, family, school and friends. The series began with the girls in the seventh grade but later progressed to the eighth and the ninth grades.
Reading Rainbow(1983 - 2006)
The show is designed to encourage reading amongst youth. Using no puppets or gimmicks, this sincere, evenly paced show remains popular among children and educators. It is hosted by LeVar Burton, well known for his role in Roots and in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The show includes a number of...
Read All About It(1981 - 1984)
When three kids explore a coach house held by a missing Uncle of one of the kids, they discover far more than they bargained. They discover two robots, Otto and Theta, who tell them about a dire threat of a conspiracy against the town. By accident, they also discover a teleport machine that can take...
Rayman: The Animated Series(1999 - 2000)
Based on the hit video game by UBI Soft Entertainment. Rayman now becomes the star on the own CGI animated series with new friends such as Lac-Mac the blue rabbit, Betina, Kookie the dog, and so on.. Unfortunately, Only four episodes were created and was canceled. Rayman was first aired on YTV in Ca...
The Ray Bradbury Theatre(1985 - 1992)
The Ray Bradbury Theater was an anthology tv series not unlike the Twilight Zone. Bringing to life some of the classic stories of famous sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury, each episode presented stories of the strange, amazing and mysterious. And famous guest stars have been known to include William Shatne...
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