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Popular(1999 - 2001)
Two girls who despise each other due to being on opposite sides of the popularity scale are forced together upon learning of their singles parents impending nuptials.
Popsicle Five Star Comedy(1957 - 1957)
ABC TV Network Saturday nights 5/18/1957 to 6/15/1957 Hosts/Perfomers:Paul Winchell,Jerry Colonna,Olsen & Johnson,Senor Wences and Bob Bean.
Popples(1985 - 1987)
The Popples was a 30-minute cartoon based on a series of toys created by American Greeting Cards & Mattel. The show aired from 1985-87. These fuzzy, colorful and magical creatures could pull anything out of the pouches on their backs from a hammer to an elephant. They also flipped into their pouches...
Popeye and Son(1987 - 1988)
This show is the is the last segment of the Popeye series that feature Olive ,pappy ,wimpy ,Bluto,With New characters like Popeye's son and the others
Popeye the Sailor(1933 - 1957)
Thimble Theater was adapted into an animated cartoon series originally produced for Paramount Pictures by Fleischer Studios, run by brothers Max Fleischer (producer) and Dave Fleischer (director) in 1933. Popeye made his film debut in Popeye the Sailor, a 1933 Betty Boop cartoon (Betty only makes a...
Popcorn Theater:Local WABC TV Ch.7 NYC.(1958 - 1958)
Saturday mornings:9/8/1958-12/1/1958 Host/Performer:"Poppo The Clown".
Polka Dot Door(1971 - 1993)
Polka Dot Door was a children's television series produced and broadcast by TVOntario from 1971 until 1993. The music was played, written, and directed by Canadian pianist John Arpin. The show, which aired Monday to Friday, was set in a large playhouse. Each episode had two human hosts, always on...
Police Women(1974 - 1978)
police drama
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