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Pinky Dinky Doo(2005 - 2011)
This engaging animated children's series finds 7-year-old Pinky and her younger brother, Tyler, discussing new words and concepts and using imagination and logic to answer some of life's questions -- all through Pinky's wild, brain-swelling stories.
Pinky and the Brain(1995 - 1998)
Pinky and the Brain are cartoon characters from the animated television series Animaniacs. Later, they starred in their own spin-off cartoon show called Pinky and the Brain and even later in Pinky, Elmyra and The Brain. These latter series were produced by Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros. Animation...
Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain(1998 - 1998)
Pinky and the Brain, two genetically-enhanced lab mice, are still trying to take over the world. However, now that they've lost their headquarters at ACME Labs, they're operating from the home of the animal over-loving Elmyra. Now Pinky and the Brain must continually avoid Elmyra and a neighborhood...
The Pink Panther [90's](1993 - 1994)
This is an update version of the classic cartoon ("The Pink Panther").
The Pink Panther and Sons(1984 - 1985)
The Pink Panther and Sons is a Hanna-Barbra produced spin-off of the much more popular The Pink Panther Show. This time the panther is joined by his two sons: Pinky and Panky. Ironically all of the Pink Panther's sons can talk, but the Pink Panther himself is still a mute. In addition to the Pink...
The Pink Panther Show(1964 - 1971)
The 1st Pink Panther Series that started Pink's TV Debut! The Ritts Puppets hosted the 1972/1973 NBC TV Network version on Saturday mornings.
Pink Lady and Jeff(1980 - 1980)
Jeff Altman co-host this variety show with Pink Lady, a Japanese singing duo who barely speak English.
Pingu(1986 - 2006)
Television show about a penguin and his family. Features claymated animation and well-known penguins. Ran for 14 years from 1986 to 2000. The show later made a comeback in 2003 with 2 more seasons. The original voice actor was replaced with 2 voice actors. The show had those two seasons until it en...
Piggsburg Pigs(1990 - 1991)
The "Three Little Pigs" fairy tale gets an updated reworking in this FoxKids animated show about a gang of 6 young piglets from a city primarily inhabited by pigs, who are perpetually stalked by two hungry wolves, one crafty, the other rather dim-witted. No matter how the wolves manage to snare the...
Pigeon Street(1981 - 1981)
Pigeon Street was an animated children's television series originally shown on the BBC in 1981. There were two series with eight and five episodes respectively, each programme lasting fifteen minutes. The animation was done by Alan Rogers and Peter Lang of the Cut-Out Animation Co. Voices were do...
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