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Otherworld(1985 - 1985)
Starring: Sam Groom: Hal Sterling Gretchen Corbett: June Sterling Tony O'Dell: Trace Sterling Jonna Lee: Gina Sterling Chris Hebert: Smith Sterling Jonathan Banks: Kommander Nuveen Kroll While touring an Egyptian pyramid, the Sterling family is transported into an alternate dimension. Stru...
Otaku no Video(1991 - 1991)
A comedy anime and documentary OVA series about an everyday Japanese guy named, Ken Kubo. He is in college, a member of the tennis team and even has a girlfriend. Then one day he comes across his old friend from high school, Tanaka. Tanaka induces Kubo to his otaku friends, all being experts in thie...
The Osmonds(1972 - 1974)
Following the heels of the successful Jackson 5 cartoon, Rankin/Bass created another cartoon series based on another hit-making sibling group, The Osmonds. The show follows the family act (minus Marie) as they travel around the world as part of a musical people-to-people project set up by the U.S. M...
orleans(1997 - 1997)
the cbs show
The Oprah Winfrey Show(1986 - 2011)
Chicago-based daytime talk-show host Oprah Winfrey invites a guest panel to discuss a topic, in front of a studio audience. The topics are often controversial or sensational. In its 25 year run, the show became the most watched daytime talk show on television. In 2010 Oprah announced she would be en...
Open All Night(1981 - 1982)
a man runs an all night convenient store,with his wife and stepson.Starring George Dzundza and Susan Tyrrell.
Open All Hours(1973 - 1975)
Classic Ronnie Barker sitcom featuring himself as stuttering, street philosophising shopkeeper. A remarkably young David Jason plays his hapless and aging teenage assistant.
Oobi(2003 - 2007)
A kids show featuring hand puppets-who are literally nothing more than hands-who speak only in simple phrases. The main characters are Oobi, his sister Uma, his friend Kako, and his grandfather, Grampu. The show began as shorts in 2001 and then later became a series from 2003-2007.
On Our Own(1994 - 1995)
On Our Own was about 8 kids who were orphaned after thier parents are killed in an accident. The eldest brother dressed as the children's aunt to keep the kids from being separated. This show was cancelled after only 1 season
Only When I Laugh(1982 - 1986)
A comedy set in the ward of an NHS hospital near Leeds where an odd trio will have you laughing every show.
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