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The Moxy Show(1994 - 2000)
A show about a 3-D animated dog named Moxy who has a crush on Josie and the Pussycats, as well as his sidekick, Flea. Originally, back in 1994, it was a one hour masterpiece called The Moxy Pirate Show, which at that time was the only non classic show airing on Cartoon Network. Then in 1995, it was...
Movin' On(1974 - 1976)
Starring Frank Converse and Claude Akins as truck drivers. Theme Song (sung by Merle Haggard): Big wheels rollin', big wheels rollin' Movin' on. Big wheels rollin', gotta keep 'em goin, Big wheels rollin', Movin' On. The white line is the life line to a nation. And men like Will and Son...
Mouseterpiece Theater(1983 - 1984)
This compilation of animated short subjects is patterned after Alistair Cooke's "Masterpiece Theater" series on PBS. Host George Plimpton (of Intellivison commercials), comfortably seated in an overstuffed armchair, offers droll comments about the Disney cartoons seen in each episode.
Mousercise(1983 - 1989)
Live action series were mickey mouse teaches kids to get in shape.
MotorWeek(1981 - Current)
MotorWeek is a weekly automotive TV series first premireing on PBS in 1981 as hosted by auto expert John H. Davis. The series is presented in magazine-like format featuring reviews, comparisons, news, and features. Segments on the show include Road Tests(where a vehicle is test driven), Goss Garage(...
Motormouth(1988 - 1992)
Motormouth was a Saturday morning children's television series that was produced by Television South and aired on ITV for four series, from 1988 until 1992. Segments of the programme included a gameshow version of the classic board game Mouse Trap, and cartoons such as Samurai Pizza Cats and The Rea...
Motormouse and Autocat(1970 - 1972)
These two rivals are seen in all sorts of contests trying to beat each other. It was a spin off of "The Cattanooga Cats" when that show went to the Sunday morning half-hour format. Premiered September 12, 1970. Essentially a motor-racing version of Tom and Jerry, this segment involved the antics...
The Mothers-in-Laws(1967 - 1969)
The Mothers-in-Law is an American sitcom starring Eve Arden and Kaye Ballard as two matriarchs who were friends and next-door neighbors whose children's elopement made them in-laws.
The Morton Downey Jr. Show(1987 - 1989)
A precursor to shows like "The Jerry Springer Show" and "Jenny Jones", Morton Downey Jr. presided over a series of outrageous topics and equally outrageous guests. Trash-talking, fights, shocking statements...It all happened on here.
Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm(1995 - 1996)
Based on the best-selling video game, the evil emperor Shao Kahn and his henchmen has invaded Earthrealm to take it over. The fate of Earthrealm is in the hands of Liu Kang, Princess Kitana, Lt. Sonya Blade, Jax, Sub-Zero, Nightwolf, and Kurtis Stryker.
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