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Mama's Family(1983 - 1990)
Thelma Harper, a cranky, sharp-tongued widow shared a small house with her high-strung sister Fran. Thelma's scatterbrained son Vinton moved back in with Thelma with his teenage kids, Sonja and Vinton, Jr. (
Malibu Shores(1996 - 1996)
Malibu teens clash with their counterparts from L.A.'s San Fernando Valley. The opener centers on the star-crossed romance between Chloe and Zack (Keri Russell, Tony Lucca)---which fans flames of anger and jealousy on both sides of the hill. Starring Keri Russel
Malcolm in the Middle(2000 - 2006)
Characters: Malcolm; the genius kid Reese; the dumb brother Duey; the musically talented younger brother Frances; the oldest brother Jamie; the youngest baby brother Lois; the mom who thinks she HAS TO be right Hal; the dad Let's just sum it up quickly; none of these people get along.
Malcolm & Eddie(1996 - 2000)
Malcolm McGee (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) is a responsible and sensible 20-something who ends up sharing a Kansas City apartment and a business venture with relentlessly enthusiastic tow truck owner Eddie Sherman (Eddie Griffin). A fast talker with outlandish frenetic energy, Eddie's charming schemes...
Mala Noche No(1988 - 1989)
Host Veronica Castro.
Making Fiends(2003 - 2008)
Making Fiends is an American comedy horror animated television series. Based upon a web series
Make Way for Noddy(2005 - 2010)
Based on the Canadian book by Enid Blyton. It is about a little wooden boy with a blue Jingle Bell hat who lives in toytown. He owns a dog named Bumpy Dog. And is friends with Tessie Bear, Master Tubby Bear, Martha Monkey, Big Ears, Diana Doll, Miss Pink Cat, Officer Plod, Mr. Jumbo, Clockwork Mouse...
Make the Grade(1989 - 1991)
Nickelodeon game show where contestants had to answer school questions for points and "graduate school" by winning the game. Contestants sat at red, green, and blue desks and had to answer question on a 7x7 game board. Grade levels from elementary school and grades 7-12 ran across the top and six ba...
Major League Baseball on Fox(1996 - 2013)
Major League Baseball on Fox or MLB on Fox is the Fox Broadcasting Company's presentation of Major League Baseball games, produced by Fox Sports.
Major Dad(1989 - 1993)
Major John MacGillis is a conservative, by-the-book, die-hard Marine. Polly Cooper is a pacifistic, liberal journalist. Nonetheless, when the two meet, there's instant and intense chemistry between them and they get married less than 24 hours later. Now Polly (and her kids from a previous marriage)...
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  • Sandy: [about her surfer engagement ring] It's a good thing you're not a plumber, or I'd be wearing a toilet bowl on my hand!
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