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Matt Bennett(1991 - Current)
Matt Bennett plays robe on victorious
Matt's Monsters(2009 - 2009)
Matt Average, his dad, his neighbor Manson and a friendly orange monster named Dink run a company that hunts monsters.
Matrix(1993 - 1993)
Matlock(1986 - 1995)
Ben Matlock is a Georgia bred, Harvard educated defense attorney. His fee is $250,000 but he's worth every cent of it as he defends his clients not only in Atlanta but all over the country. He is cantankerous and gruff and often uses colorful language, but beneath it all he has a heart of gold. He i...
Mathica's Mathshop(1993 - 1994)
Mathica's Mathshop is a math tutorial TV series produced for TVO from 1993-1994. The 15-minute programs focus on teaching basic mathematics for primary grades by incorporating storytelling with the principles of the subject. Every program presents math through a familiar fairytale context which enco...
Match Game 73(1973 - 1982)
"Dumb Dora was soo-o-o-o-o-o-o dumb" (how dumb was she) "She thought Bo Duke of 'The Dukes of Hazzard' was the one wearing (blank)!" So began a typical fill-in-the-blank statement on one of the most popular game shows of the 1970s — "Match Game '73." Produced by Goodson-Todman Productions and h...
Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour(1983 - 1984)
This short-lived blend of "Match Game" and "Hollwood Squares" had a workable premise: two new contestants played the "Match Game" portion of the show, with the winner going on to the "Hollywood Squares" portion against the previous day's champion. The winner of the "Hollywood Squares" section was th...
Match Game(1990 - 1991)
This version of Match Game was the third revival in this series. The first was titled "The Match Game", and aired from 1963-1969 on NBC. The second had several variants, but the one with the longest run was Match Game '7X, which aired from 1973-1979 on CBS. The show also had a once-a-week nightly...
Match Game(1962 - Current)
Contestants tried to match a panel of six celebrities in answering fill-in-the-blank questions. Host Gene Rayburn asks a series of comedic questions (each featuring the characters Dumb Dora/Donald, Ugly Edna, Old Man Perriwinkle, etc.) , and the panel writes down their answers each on a little blue...
Masters Of The Maze(1994 - 1996)
Masters Of The Maze is a game show that's considered to be the video game of the future. The show consists of three teams of two. Player number one is the runner who will be going into the maze and player number two is the navigator who will help his partner in the maze, by controlling his power sui...
Quote O' Matic
  • Burt Gummer: I Am Completely...Out...Of Ammo." [Drops To His Knees] "That's Never Happened To Me Before."

    [Burt Has Just Blown Up A Graboid.]
    "Memo: 4 Pounds Of C-4 May Be A Bit--" [Pebbles Rain Down Onto His Helmet] ...Excessive
    -Burt Gummer
  • Tremors 2: Aftershocks