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The Lone Ranger(1933 - 1970)
The Lone Ranger took place in Tonto,Texas secretly as "John Reid"[the lone ranger] fights crime in the wild west fighting crime for truth and justice .Actor:Clayton Moore portrayed the title role..Jay Silverheels played"Tonto".
The Lone Ranger(1949 - 1957)
The adventures of the masked hero and his Native American partner.
London Burning(1986 - 2012)
London's Burning was a television drama programme produced by London Weekend Television. It focused on the lives of Blue Watch firefighters in the busy area of Blackwall, East London. It was broadcast between 1986 and 2002 on ITV and currently airs in Canada on digital television station CBC Country...
Lois & Clark The New Adventures of Superman(1993 - 1997)
Clark Kent is a reporter for a newspaper company. But unbeknownst to everybody he knows, he is Superman. But things get complicated when his partner Lois Lane, starts developing feelings for not only Clark, but Superman as well.
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman(1993 - 1997)
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman was a phenomenal television success. A much more lavish version of the popular Superman television series which had first aired forty years earlier, Lois & Clark focused more on the Man of Steel's early adult years in Metropolis. With the unknowing hel...
Logan's Run(1977 - 1978)
During the 23rd Century... Survivors of war are living in a dome city from the world outside. Here, in an ecologically balanced world, mankind only lives for pleasure. Freed by the servo-mechanisms which provide everything. There's just one catch. Life must end at thirty, unless reborn in the...
Lloyd in Space(2001 - 2004)
Lloyd in Space is an American animated television series, created by Joe Ansolabehere and Paul Germain (creators of Recess), and premiered in 2001 on ABC-TV on Saturday mornings.
Lizzie McGuire(2001 - 2004)
Get inside her head! The show is about growing up, in the beginning Lizzie and Miranda (played by: Hilary Duff, and LaLaine Vergas) buy their first bras. And towards the series ending they will be saying good bye to their Junior school. Matt, Lizzie's little bro, played by Jake Thomas is hilarious....
Living Single(1993 - 1998)
Living Dolls(1989 - 1989)
Living Dolls was a short-lived TV series about four teenage female models sharing a New York brownstone with their agent, herself a former model and her young son. Living Dolls is the spin-off from the hit ABC comedy "Who's the Boss?"
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