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Lassie's Rescue Rangers(1973 - 1975)
cartoon based on live action series.
Lassie(1997 - 1999)
The story: Widowed veterinarian Karen Cabot and her young son Timmy have moved back to Karen's old home town of Hudson Falls, Vermont, where Karen bought out the practice of elderly Dr. Donald Stewart, the town's vet. Timmy is uncertain of the move and still smarting from his father's recent death....
The Larry Sanders Show(1992 - 1998)
HBO television sitcom about Larry Sanders, a talk-show host. This show goes 'behind-the-scenes' to reveal Larry's humorous interactions with the producers and guests.
LarryBoy The Cartoon Adventures(2002 - 2002)
Big Idea
Land of the Lost (Original TV Series)(1974 - 1977)
Marshal, Will and Holly, on a routine expedition...came the greatest earthquake every known, shook their tiny raft, an took them to the valley deep below, to the land of the lost, the land of the lost. Live action, mixed with claymation dinosaurs, an these creapy villians called "Sleestak".
Land of the Lost(1974 - 1977)
This show was about a father and his son and daughter who get sucked into a rift in the earth. Their jeep lands in "The Land of the Lost", a pre-historic time period, and they need to learn how to survive so they can find a way back home. They meet some dangerous creatures along the way, but they al...
Land of the Giants(1968 - 1970)
The Spindrift, a commercial spaceship on a flight from New York City to London, became lost when it passed through a time warp in the ship's orbit around Earth. It landed on an alternate Earth-type planet, where the inhabitants were roughly twelve times the size of the ship's passengers. Our heroes...
The Land Before Time(2007 - 2008)
Join the adventures of the dinosaurs from The Land Before Time in this new animated series. Don't miss out as they explore their world and have cool adventures in the Great Valley and the Mysterious Beyond.
Lancer(1968 - 1970)
Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp(1970 - 1972)
Lancelot Link was a secret agent for APE (Agency to Prevent Evil) and fought against CHUMP (Criminal Headquarters for Underworld Master Plan) and Baron von Butcher. Lance was aided by his female colleague Mata Hairi. Lance's enemies beside the Baron were: the Dragon Woman, Dr. Strangemind, Wan...
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  • Cinderella: "In dreams you will lose your heartache. Whatever you wish for, you keep".
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