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I, Claudius(1976 - 1976)
This show is about the life of the Roman emperor Claudius. Born with a stutter and therefore percieved as a fool by his family, Claudius nevertheless manage to keep his wits to him while the rest of the imperial family plots against each other in their thirst for power.
I've Got a Secret(1952 - 1976)
Four panelists took turns questioning the person with the secret to determine exactly what the secret was. A nominal financial award was given to a contestant whose secret (flashed on the TV screen for the viewing audience) could not be guessed by the panel. Each show gave three regular contestants...
i'm with her(2003 - 2004)
a high school teacher falls with a movie star
I'm Telling!(1987 - 1988)
In this kids game show version of The Newlywed Game, two siblings usually a brother and a sister shared secrets about each other. Whichever team won the most points got to go the the Pick-A-Prize Arcade. In the Pick-A-Prize Arcade the first contestant's partner picks 6 out of 10 different prizes...
I'm Alan Partridge(1997 - 1999)
Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge David Schneider as Tony Hayers Felicity Montagu as Lynne Phil Cornwell as Dave Clifton Barbara Durkin as Susan Sally Phillips as Sally James Lance as Ben Simon Greenall as Michael Original Episode # Prod #...
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  • Jack Horner: "I got a feeling that behind those jeans is something wonderful just waiting to get out."
  • Boogie Nights