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Inhumanoids(1986 - 1986)
Mankind's abuse of the planet has led to the awakening of a group of huge ancient monsters with incredible power, the Inhumanoids. Now, mankind must do the best it can just to survive, and hope that with the help of the Earth Corps and the heroic Mutors (The Granites, Redwoods and Magnakor) can sav...
In The House(1995 - 1999)
LL Cool J as Marion Hill Maia Campbell as Tiffany Warren Jeffrey Wood as Austin Warren [ 1-2 ] Debbie Allen as Jackie Warren [ 1-2 ] Kim Wayans as Tonia [ 2-5 ] Alfonso Ribeiro as Dr. Maxwell Stanton [ 3-5 ] Lisa Arrindell Anderson as Heather Comstock...
In the Heat of the Night(1988 - 1993)
A white southern police chief and his new, African-American Chief of Detectives, forced on him by a mayor seeking the African-American vote, find they have more in common than they imagine in this moody crime series. Chief Bill Gillespie is a gruff old-timer who knows the streets and people of Spart...
Incredible Story Studio(1997 - 2001)
anthology series, host: Camille Devine as Studio Boss
The Incredible Hulk (1982)(1982 - 1982)
The series focused on the green incarnation of the Hulk/Banner personality disorder. Based more on the Stan Lee comic book version than on the live-action tv version (starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno), and narrated by Stan Lee himself, this series lasted a very short time due to its extremly ea...
The Incredible Hulk(1996 - 1997)
Animated tales of the adventures of the Incredible Hulk!
The Incredible Hulk(1978 - 1982)
The adventures of Dr. David Banner, a man cursed by his own inner evils. Dr. Banner wanted to discover the cause of the immense strength humans develop during moments of intense emotion, such as rage or fear. He experimented on himself as part of his research, but an accident caused him to recei...
Incredible Games(1994 - 1995)
ncredible Games was a popular children's game show which was broadcast in 1994-1995 (two series) by the BBC. It included a variety of games, performed by contestants between the ages of 11 and 14. The show itself was set in a fictional skyscraper (which was depicted in the titles by a London council...
Inch High Private Eye(1973 - 1974)
INCH HIGH, "the world's biggest little detective," was the hero of Inch High, Private Eye, a 1972 Hanna Barbera cartoon for kids. He could shrink down to the height of one inch, thanks to the help of a secret shrinking formula. Unfortunately, the effects of the formula weren't reliable, and he would...
The Immortal(1970 - 1971)
The Immortal was a adventure series with a sci-fi twist about a man who has blood that makes him immune to all disease & aging. He could never die. He was being pursued by a henchman of an evil tycoon who wants his blood. The show starred Christopher George as race car driver Ben Richards. The show...
Quote O' Matic
  • Ted Wood, Jr.: Muffin, please, can we talk about this?
  • Muffin Baker: No.
  • Ted Wood, Jr.: You gotta believe me, I was drugged or something! I didn't know what I was doing!
  • Muffin Baker: You look like you were doing what you know you were doing, you know?
  • Ted Wood, Jr.: Well...sort of, but there seems to be an evil plot, trying to pull us apart. I mean, divide and conquer. Lift and separate!
  • Muffin Baker: Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm still mad at you!
  • Ted Wood, Jr.: Will you think about it, please?
  • Muffin Baker: Yeah, maybe. But not right now; my mind is just so muddled.
  • Ted Wood, Jr.: I'm so sad. I'm housebroken. (leaves the room)
  • Muffin Baker: What a mess! And now, this hidden key am I supposed to figure that one out? I've never been good with puzzles.
  • Tabitha the Ghost: (sits right next to Muffin Baker on her bed) Why don't you sleep on it?
  • Muffin Baker: Maybe I should sleep on it.
  • Tabitha the Ghost: A quick nap oughta do.
  • Muffin Baker: A quick nap right now sounds really good. (lies down on the bed and falls asleep)
  • Tabitha the Ghost: In your waking world, no one can see me. Only in your dreams, could we ever be together. (kisses Muffin on her cheek) So dream on, my dear...and in your dreams, I'll be with you.
  • Muffin Baker: (opens her eyes and sees Tabitha on the bed right next to her) Oh! Who are you?
  • Tabitha the Ghost: Only a dream that's here to provide you with pleasure.
  • Muffin Baker: So this isn't real?
  • Tabitha the Ghost: It's only a fantasy.
  • Muffin Baker: Cool! I've never been with a chick before! (Muffin and Tabitha giggle together, and they begin seducing each other with passion)
  • Ghost in a Teeny Bikini