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Hermans Head(1991 - 1994)
Herman Brooks is an aspiring writer working as a fact-checker at a publisher. While dealing with life in the big city, his inner thoughts are played out by four characters representing his intellect, fear, compassion, and lust. His "outer world" consists of a trivia-trove boss, two female co-workers...
Herman's Head(1991 - 1994)
Herman worked in an office and the four parts of his psyche (sensitivity, lust, anxiety, and intellect) were played by four actors, giving the viewer insight into what was going on inside Herman's head.
Here and Now(1992 - 1993)
Here Comes the Grump(1969 - 1970)
An animated saga about an evil wizard named Grump who put a curse on the Princess' land and must find the Crystal Key in order to lift the curse. The Grump will do anything to stop them from finding it.
Here Come the Double Deckers(1970 - 1971)
British kid's show shown Saturday mornings in US
Here's Lucy(1968 - 1974)
This was the second-to-last of the Lucy TV shows. Here Lucille Ball plays "Lucille Carter", a secretary that works for her brother-in-law Harry Carter (Gale Gordon). Her son Desi Arnaz Jr. (Craig Carter) & Lucie Arnaz (Kim Carter) play the roles of her children. Desi left the series in 1971. Most of...
Here's Lucy(1968 - 1974)
Lucy Carter, a widow with two teen children, takes a job as a secretary for her stuffy brother-in-law.
Here's Boomer(1980 - 1984)
Here's Boomer was an hour-long television movie and short-lived TV series (24 episodes) aired on the American network NBC in the early 1980s. Boomer was very similar to another acting dog named "Higgins" – known as Benji in movies. Boomer was bigger and not as athletic as Benji, but was still widely...
The Herculoids(1967 - 1969)
On the planet of Quasar, in a distant galaxy, One family and their animal friends fight to protect their planet from all sorts of alien plots and threats. Led by Zandor, the family consists of wife Tara and son Dorno. Their animal friends are Tundro the armored dinosaur, Igoo the mighty rock ape, Zo...
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys(1995 - 1999)
Hercules was the son of the God Zeus and a mortal woman. Zeus's wife Hera, upset over Zeus' indiscretion, causes Hercules to go mad and she also killed his wife and children. After regaining his sanity, Hercules decides to use his super strength to help mortals. He is often aided by his friend Io...
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