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The Golden Palace(1992 - 1993)
Spin off of The Golden Girls, featuring Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty, following Bea Arthur's departure in 1992 (Bea made an appearance on the Golden Palace in 1992). Only one season was made. Following Dorothy's departure when she married Lucas Hollingsworth, the remaining girls...
The Golden Girls(1985 - 1992)
"Golden Girls" follows four elderly women, Dorathy, Blanch, Rose and Sophia, who are now roomates in Miami. Each one of them is either divorced or widowed. The girls all share their experiences and memories with each other as they develop new one's together.
Golden Boy(1995 - 1996)
Going to Extremes(1992 - 1993)
Going Places(1990 - 1991)
This was a show inspired by a previous ABC sitcom known as Bosom Buddies. Both seasons had different premises. The first one was about four writers for a show called Here's Looking at You, a candid camera type program where real people were caught in their normal lives outside the work place. The...
Going Live!(1987 - 1993)
1987 saw a brand new show appear in the Saturday Morning slot - that show was Going Live! This show again followed the tried and tested formula, with a few additional ideas that were to make this incarnation the best yet. Phillip Schofield took a side-step from the CBBC broom cupboard to becom...
Goin' Bulilit(2005 - Current)
Goin' Bulilit (lit. Goin' Kids) is a sketch comedy show for kids broadcast on and created by ABS-CBN in the Philippines.
The Godzilla Power Hour(1978 - 1981)
The Godzilla Power Hour was a 60-minute Saturday morning animated series co-produced between Hanna-Barbera Productions and Toho in 1978 and aired on NBC in the US and TV Tokyo in Japan. The series was an animated adaptation of the Japanese Godzilla films produced by Toho. The "Power Hour" aspect...
Godzilla: The Series(1998 - 2000)
Born of radiation on a French Polynesian island, Godzilla wreaks havoc on the city while attempting to find a nest to give birth to its young. The overgrown lizard appears unstoppable, until biologist NICK TATOPOULOS and French Secret Service operative PHILLIPE ROACHE team up to take down the beast....
Gobots: Machine robo(1986 - 1988)
Machine Robo is a Japanese transforming robot toyline first released in 1982 by Popy, a division of Bandai, then later by Bandai proper. The franchise was marketed as Robo Machine in Europe, and Machine Men (or Robot Machine Men) in Australia. A large portion of these toys were exported to North Ame...
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