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Gundam Build Fighters(2013 - 2014)
Sei Iori is a Gunpla builder whose family runs a hobby shop in a small town. He aspires to be a Gunpla Battle champion like his father, but despite his exceptional building skills, he lacks the combat abilities to compete with other contestants. Then one day, he meets a mysterious boy named Reiji, w...
Gundam-A (Korean)(1982 - 1982)
Korean made series. Not an offical gundam series. One of many Korean rip-off cartoons that take anime or american heroes and do what they want with them!
The gummi bears/ winnie-the-pooh hour(1989 - 1990)
Hour block that aired reruns from both shows.
Gumby(1956 - 1988)
Gumby, the little green guy you see on t.v. He had many fun adventures with his pals Prickle the yellow dinosaur, Goo the blue blob and Pokey the red horse. All thanks to Art Clokey, the maker and creater of gumby and pals. All hand made by clay. CAST WAS GUMBY, POKEY, PRICKLE AND GOO, BLOCKHEADS,...
Gulliver's Travels(1992 - 1993)
Animated Saban's adaptation of the novel by Jonathan Swift.
Gullah Gullah Island(1994 - 1997)
the shows about this african american family that lives on an island and is friends with a frog that lives in a tree
Guinness World Records: Primetime(1998 - 2001)
Guinness World Records Primetime (aka: Guinness Primetime) is a TV show based on the Guinness Book of World Records, and aired on the Fox television network from July 27, 1998 to October 4, 2001. It was hosted by Cris Collinsworth and Mark Thompson and reported on existing record-holders or on new r...
Guiding Light(1952 - 2009)
Guiding Light first began in 1937 as a radio drama. In 1952 it moved to television broadcasting on CBS. The show was created by Irma Bradley as based on personal experience. From 1952 to 1956 it aired both on radio and television before becoming a television show in 1956. in the 57 years it aired it...
Guiding Light(1952 - 2009)
The Grudge Match(1991 - 1992)
Syndicated game show, hosted By Jesse Ventura,in which people settled their grudges with oversized boxing gloves,batakas,and food fights,in a boxing ring.
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