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First Look(2004 - Current)
This is an American weekday morning news program has been airing on MSNBC since 2004.
The First Look(1966 - 1966)
NBC TV Network saturday afternoons 10/16/1966 to 4/91966 Host/Performer/Narrator/Interviewer:Oscar Brand,Assistants:Sally Sheffield, Jackie Washington,Neal Adams.
Fireman Sam(1987 - 1994)
Fireman Sam was a stop-motion animation about a fireman named Sam and his friends who put out fires and solved a multitude of other problems in the small welsh town of Pontypandy.
Firehouse Tales(2005 - 2006)
An animated series about a red Firetruck who never gives up. He loves nature and the outdoors but most of all he loves making new friends. Sometimes he is the leader of the firetruck team and is very cheerful and happy and is never glum, down and low.
Fired Up(1997 - 1998)
Finders Keepers(1987 - 1990)
A Nickelodeon game show where children would run through a house and find hidden objects. The game was divided up into two rounds each with two halves for two teams. In the first half, the "Hidden Pictures" round, the contestants had to find objects (by circling it, Via the video writing pen) hidden...
The Finder (AKA Finders Keepers)(1991 - 1992)
This strange early 90s show was about a boy called Patrick who recieves an invitation to take part in a TV game show called 'Finders Keepers'. He is told to tune in to the mysterious Channel 8 at a specific time to take part. He manages to do so while in a store at a shopping centre with his moth...
Final Fantasy: Unlimited(2001 - 2002)
Final Fantasy: Unlimited follows the story of Ai and Yu Hayakawa, 12 year-old twins who travel into Wonderland, a mysterious parallel dimension, in search of their missing parents. Along the way they meet Lisa Pacifist, a member of the C2 Organization; Kaze, a being of incredible power; and a variet...
Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals(1994 - 1998)
Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals was an anime original video animation (OVA) based on the Final Fantasy series of console role-playing games. It was released in Japan in 1994 and distributed by Urban Vision Entertainment in 1998 in North America. Urban Vision no longer holds the license to this...
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