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EZ Streets(1996 - 1997)
The series is set in a decaying American city located near the Canadian border, and deals with the interconnected lives of the city's criminals, politicians, and police officers.
Eyewitness News Nightcast(1965 - 1995)
This was a news show shown on KYW Philadelphia every night when it was a Group W station and an NBC affiliate (it is now a CBS affiliate); aired at 11:00 pm
Eyewitness News(1968 - Current)
On November 11, 1968, Al Primo, the new news director of WABC-TV New York, launched his new news program, "Eyewitness News." As the format grew popular, it had spread across the country to the other ABC-owned and operated (O&O) stations at the time: KABC Los Angeles, WLS Chicago, WXYZ Detroit, and K...
Eyewitness(1995 - 1997)
Based on the popular DK book series, the wonders of science and nature come to life in a mysterious museum. The tv/vhs adaptations took viewers on amazing journeys across time and space to discover the mysteries of our world and beyond.
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition(2003 - 2012)
Master carpenter Ty Pennington and a group of carpenters renovate the home of a family facing hardship in only seven days. The show was a spin-off of ABC's "Extreme Makeover" and was heavily sponsored by Sears.
Extreme Makeover(2002 - 2007)
Three individuals fly to Hollywood to receive an "Extreme Makeover" consisting of plastic surgery, an exercise regimen, and wardrobe changes. The fries and families of each participant were not allowed to see hem for the period during the changes.
Extreme Ghostbusters(1997 - 1998)
Follow-up to the classic 1980s series involves Egon and Slimer from the orignal team as mentors to a group of multi-diverse teens who have taken over from the original guys. This series was much darker in tone than the original series, and some of the creatures were genuinely frightening. The humo...
Extreme Dinosaurs(1998 - 1998)
Sixty-Five Million years ago an evil scientist arrives in the time of dinosaurs to find potential soldiers to over throw his world. He captures five dinosaurs who realize that they don't won't to be his evil minions. So he cast them away and finds three evil dinosaurs to do the job. He is then pursu...
Exo Squad(1993 - 1995)
Exo Squad, an animated series from 1993 to 1995, ran for two seasons on the USA network and Fox. The basis of the show revolves around humans and "Neosapiens", genetically engineered humans used to perform manual laborer and menial work. Set during the future when humans have inhabited both Mars...
ExoSquad(1993 - 1995)
150 years into the future, mankind has mastered genetic engineering and populated the planets of Mars & Venus by changing their atmospheres to allow for human habitation. Current military force was very quiet until attacks on space shipping by outlaw Pirates (former inmates of penal colonies on t...
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