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Dance Party USA(1986 - 1992)
Dance Fever(1979 - 1987)
The Dana Carvey Show(1996 - 1996)
This show debuted after the popular family sitcom "Home Improvment" on ABC. It was a sketch show titled Taco Bell's Dana Carvey Show and it started out with Dana Carvey dressed as President Bill Clinton who talked a bit and then took off his shirt and started breast-feeding a baby doll. Taco Bell wa...
Damon(1998 - 1998)
Dallas(1978 - 1991)
Based on the trials and traumas of the Ewing Family, headed by oil baron Jock until his tragic death at which time scheming son J.R took the reigns of Ewing Oil.
Dai Sentai Goggle V(1982 - 1983)
The Dark Science Empire Deathdark launches its scheme for world conquest from their Wolfborg Castle in Germany. Doctor Hongou, founder of the Future Science Laboratory, is saved from one of their attacks by world class explorer Ken'ichi Akama. Using his Comboyputer, Hongou recruits five people, incl...
Daimos(shogun Warriors spinoff)(1978 - 1980)
Daimos (
The Daily Show(1996 - Current)
Comedy Central takes a hilarious look at recent headlines, media organizations and political figures. Originally hosted by Craig Killborn, the show was taken over by host John Stewart in 1999. The host would play on current news stories and give hilarious monologues. At the start of each show, Stewa...
Dai-guard : terrestrial defense corp.(1999 - 2001)
an anime television series, produced and animated by XEBEC, and directed by Seiji Mizushima. It aired from 1999 to 2000, ran for 26 episodes, and 6 volumes of videos were released on VHS and DVD. The series also had a very brief run (two episodes) on Cartoon Network through Toonami's "Giant Robot We...
Daffy and Speedy Show(1981 - 1981)
One of three looney tunes shows that aired on nbc back to back on saturday morning in 1981. The show didn't last but one year before it was gone. It showed repeates of classic daffy and speedy cartoons plus pepe lapew and foghorg leghorn cartoons.
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