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Dennis Miller Live(1994 - 2002)
Dennis the Menace and Gnasher(2009 - Current)
Dennis and Gnasher is an Australian/British animated television series currently being aired on CBBC Channel. Based on the original comic strips from The Beano, it features the adventures of the rebellious schoolboy Dennis the Menace and his dog Gnasher.
Dennis the Menace (US)(1986 - 1988)
Dennis the Menace is an American animated series produced by DiC Entertainment, based on the classic comic strip by Hank Ketcham. The young blonde boy with a cowlick and a mischievous personality, Dennis the Menace, gets into numerous scrapes and adventures with his dog Ruff and his friends Joey,...
Dennis the Menace (UK)(1996 - 1998)
Dennis the Menace animated cartoon began airing on BBC One (as part of CBBC) in 1996, with another series following in 1998. Originally called Dennis the Menace in the UK, for international broadcast, the series was renamed Dennis and Gnasher. The show has ceased production, although repeats are fre...
Denkou Choujin Gridman(1993 - 1993)
Three friends, Naoto, Yuuka, and Ippei have put together their own Personal Computer. The same day that the trio makes this computer, their classmate Takeshi Todo, a lonely rich boy who loves playing monster-creating PC Games, is met by the evil Kahn Digifer, a psychotic being living within the "Com...
Dengeki Sentai Changeman(1985 - 1986)
After already conquering hundreds of planets, the Great Star League Gozma sets its sights onto Earth. To defend the lands in such a great crisis, the military begins a special branch known as the Earth Defense Force, comprised of elite members from all areas of the military. Under the supervision of...
Demon Dragon of the Heavens Gaiking(1979 - 1981)
Great Sky Demon Dragon Gaiking (´ó¿Õħ¸o¥¬¥¤¥­¥ó¥°, Daik¨± Mary¨± Gaikingu?) was a Super Robot mecha anime series produced by Toei Animation on an original idea by Akio Sugino (not Go Nagai, contrary to legend, even though his company, Dynamic Productions, co-produced the show from Episode 22 on, bu...
Delvecchio(1976 - 1977)
detective drama
Delta State(2004 - 2005)
Four people all become aware that they each possess a superhuman ability of the mind and that they’ve been charged with saving the world from Rifter forces according to their friend and mentor Professor Brodie. Brodie trains them to battle Rifters in the Delta State, a reference to the brain wave pa...
Delta House(1979 - 1979)
Weak TV follow up to "Animal House"
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