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Comic Party(2001 - 2004)
Early April, Kazuki Sendō is invited by his friend, Taishi Kuhonbutsu, to come with him to Tokyo Big Sight. He is surprised to see thousands of people waiting in line to get in. Apparently they are at Comic Party, a giant dōjinshi convention. Once inside, Kazuki meets some of the dōjinshi artists an...
Come Along(1973 - 1975)
Syndicated:1973.. Actor/dialectician:Joe Early portrays famous men from history before a studio audience of that the young viewers will see these famous people as human beings.
Combat!(1962 - 1967)
Combat Cast Rick Jason as Lieutenant Gil Hanley Vic Morrow as Sgt. Chip Saunders Pierre Jalbert as Caje Jack Hogan as William G. Kirby Dick Peabody as Littlejohn William Bryant as McCall (1966-67) Conlan Carter as Doc (1963-67) Shecky Greene as Braddock (1962-63) Tom Lowell as Bi...
Columbo(1971 - 2003)
Peter Falk starred as Lieutenant Columbo a disheveled,seemingly inept,police detective.Columbo was very deceptive as he actually was a genius investigator.He lured suspects into confession by catching them off guard.His trademarks were his wrinkled trenchcoat,smoking cigars,and driving a run down 19...
The Colgate Comedy Hour(1950 - 1955)
NBC TV Network Sunday Nights 1950 to 1955 Hosts/Performers:Fred Alen,Eddie Cantor,Abbott & Costello,Donald O'Connor,Jimmy Durante and Martin & Lewis.
Cold Squad(1998 - 2005)
Cold Case(2003 - 2010)
Cold Case is an American police procedural television series which ran on CBS from September 28, 2003 to May 2, 2010. The series revolved around a fictionalized Philadelphia Police Department division that specializes in investigating cold cases. On May 18, 2010, CBS announced that the series had be...
The Colbys(1985 - 1987)
Colby's Clubhouse(1995 - 2012)
Colby's Clubhouse was a children's television show that taught principles from the Bible through songs and everyday situations. It was written and produced by Peter and Hanneke Jacobs. Peter Jacobs played the part of Colby the Computer. It originally aired from 1987 to 2000 with several changes of c...
The Colbert Report(2005 - 2014)
A spin-off of The Daily Show created in 2005, former corespondent Stephen Colbert takes a humorous look at the news with a Conservative slant and in a similar format. The show became very popular in its 9 year run because of Steven Colbert's brand of humor. The show ended on December 18, 2014 shortl...
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