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Cop Shop(1977 - 1984)
Cops(1989 - Current)
"Cops" was among the earliest reality-based law enforcement shows, and remains one of the most popular of the genre. Each week, a camera crew followed the activities and daily beats of the officers of a different city's police department. Incidents ranged from routine traffic stops that evolve into...
Cop Rock(1990 - 1990)
Cool McCool(1967 - 1969)
Created by Batman creator, Bob Kane, "Cool McCool" is about a suave trenchcoated spy who is comically foolish but is able to defeat the world's wackiest villians, the Rattler, Hurricane Harry, Greta Ghoul, the Owl, Jack-In-The-Box and Dr. Madcap. Cool McCool's boss is Number 1, whose face is neve...
Contraption(1983 - 1988)
A gameshow that aired on Disney in the early 80s, two teams of 3 kids were paired up and were one member from each team were shown a 3-minute clip from a classic disney video, the player was then asked questions about what they saw in the clip, if they answered correctly, they received a contrapt ti...
Condorman(1975 - 1977)
Live action superhero show from japan.
Condo(1983 - 1983)
Mclean Stevenson,Brooke Alderson,Yvonne Wilder,and Luis Avalos,star in this,short lived,1983 sitcom.The Kirkridge family,and the Rodriguez family,are neighbors in a condomenium.The two families do not like each other.The Kirkridge's son gets the Rodriguez's daughter pregnant.The two families are the...
Concentration(1958 - 1979)
Schoolhouse Rock is a series of animated shorts that teach kids the basic fundamentals of grammar, mathematics and science. Originally airing on ABC from 1973 to 1986, ABC began its revival of the "Schoolhouse Rock" three-minute segments in September of 1992. Since that time, ABC has commissione...
Conan: The Adventurer(1992 - 1998)
The Hyborian Age… A time of wizards, warriors and kings. From this time of fantasy and magic comes CONAN. He is a warrior, an adventurer, a conquerer, a hero and a legend. In tune with the natural world and constantly alert, CONAN’s natural strength overcomes the most dangerous situations he faces....
The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley(1988 - 1988)
"We’re as doomed as doomed can be.” This pointy-haired, spastic character in the short sleeved, orange plaid shirt was first introduced to television audiences on Canada's comedy skit show SCTV. Ed Grimley's alter-ego, comedian Martin Short, later became a cast member on Saturday Night Live, and...
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