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The Cape(1996 - 1997)
Cannon(1971 - 1976)
Frank Cannon is a Los Angeles based private eye. He live in a luxurious penthouse apartment, eats fine gourmet food, and drives a Lincoln luxury car. A rotund detective who often charges very high fees for his services. A lot of his clients are very wealthy and powerful. Another show from th...
Canio(2013 - 2014)
Canio es la serie de nickelodeon, Que se creo con goanimate en 2013. Mas información en
Candy Candy(1976 - 1979)
Candy Candy was a Japanese cartoon that started in 1976 and gained popularity in the US and Europe in the 80s. It was a continous "soap opera" style show about a blonde orphan girl named Candy. Candy was always cheerful, even though she often struggled to fight advesities.
Candid Camera(1927 - 2014)
Candid Camera originally began on the radio as "Candid Microphone" as narrated by Dan St. George. In 1948 the series made its television debut as Candid Camera hosted by Allen Funt as segments on various other TV shows. In 1960 the series began airing a weekly version which aired on CBS until 1967....
Can't Hurry Love(1995 - 1996)
Camp Wilder(1992 - 1993)
A divorced mother of one moves back to her parent's house after they die to take care of her teenage siblings.
Camp Lazlo(2005 - 2008)
Camp Lazlo is an American animated television series created by Joe Murray and produced by Joe Murray Productions. The series premiered on Cartoon Network on July 8, 2005. The show revolves around Lazlo, a spider monkey who attends a Boy Scout-like summer camp with a cast of anthropomorphic animal c...
Camp Candy(1989 - 1992)
Camp Candy is an animated television series produced by DiC Entertainment, with comedian John Candy providing the voice for an animated version of himself. The show was set in a fictional summer camp run by Candy. It also featured his children, Jennifer and Christopher Candy, in supporting roles....
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  • Druggie: "You never told me your name."
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    Druggie: "Ok, Jeanie."
  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off