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Cyborg Kuro-chan(1999 - 2001)
A house cat who protects his elderly owners is captured by a scientist and turned into a robot so he can be used in an army to take over the world. Kuro runs away to try and live a normal life, while many different things get in the way.
Cyborg 009(2001 - 2002)
Remake of 60's anime series. Aired on toonami.
Cybill(1995 - 1998)
Cyber Team in Akihabara(1998 - Current)
a 1998 science fiction anime series created by Tsukasa Kotobuki and Satoru Akahori. The television series aired from April 4, 1998 to September 26, 1998 on TBS and ran for 26 episodes. It was released in the United States by ADV Films. It was also broadcast on international networks such as Anime Ne...
Cybersix(1999 - 1999)
Based off a comic book written by Carlos Trillo and illustrated by Carlos Meglia, Teletoon soon created this comic book series into a short cartoon series consisting of thirteen episodes. Cybersix herself is an android apart of the Cyber's series, 500 in total were built, they were artificial humano...
Cyber City Oedo 808(1990 - 1991)
a 1990-1991 cyberpunk original video animation. It was directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. Set in the year 2808 in the city of Oedo (Tokyo),it tells the story of three criminals who are enlisted into fighting crime in exchange for reduced sentences. They are Sengoku, an anti-social maverick, Gogol, a moh...
Cyberchase(2002 - 2015)
One day three children from Earth named Matt, Jackie, and Inez are called to the land of Cyberspace by Motherboard, its guardian to defend her from a virus as unleashed by a villain named Hacker. Motherboard is the guardian of Cyberspace, a dimension where computer networks exist as physical locatio...
Cutey Honey Flash(1997 - 1998)
On her sixteenth birthday, Honey Kisaragi goes to meet her father. However, he shows up injured and on the run. Out of nowhere, a group of thugs and a monster show up. A detective, Seiji Hayama, rescues Honey and her father. Unfortunately, the monster captures Honey`s father. A grieving Honey goes h...
Cutey Honey(1973 - 1974)
A girl who is really an android must kick evil but, her name Cutey Honey. She can change herself into different people and can really kick butt, she was also the first cartoon to have a transformation clip, she was brought back in the 90's as an 8-episode remake. In 2004, it became a live action mov...
A Current Affair(1986 - Current)
A Current Affair is a news show that aired on the launch of the FOX network.
Quote O' Matic
  • Johnny: I'm tired of this sh*t, it's a waste of my time!
  • Ricky: JG! What the hell is going on? Hey Mike, what are we doing? You know many dates we got left? Everybody's buggin' out, man. You seem serious. Mike, what are we doing?
  • Mike: What are you clinging on to, Slick? Look at us. We ain't in a group no more, we ain't no damn business partners here.
  • The New Edition Story