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Banacek(1972 - 1974)
Thomas Banacek is a clever and well-to-do insurance investigator living in Boston. He makes good money by solving the most intricate and unusual mysteries, and is very proud of his Polish heritage.He recovers stolen or missing items that were stolen for insurance companies for 10% of their insured v...
Ballykissangel(1996 - 2001)
Ballykissangel was about an English priest who was transfered from Manchester to a small Irish village called Ballykissangel. The local residents couldn't help but wonder why And English priest would come to Ireland. Anyway, there's an obvious setting here for conflict.
Ball Four(1976 - 1976)
The Baldy Man(1995 - 1997)
Baldy Man was a character played by Gregor Fisher, a Scots comedian. His chief attribute was his comb over hairstyle as well as his bumbling nature and plump figure. The series achieved respectable viewing figures but was not as successful as Mr Bean, however it was liked by a large proportion of Sc...
Bakersfield, P.D.(1993 - 1994)
Bailey Kipper's P.O.V(1996 - 1996)
This show ran on CBS for one year and was about a young kid living in his parent's house who secretly rigged up a sophisticated computer system that would video record happenings all around his house through the use of eyeball-shaped hidden cameras. He was supplied equipment by his father who worke...
Bailey's Comets(1973 - 1975)
Bailey's Comets was an animated cartoon series for television which ran from September 9th, 1973 to August 31st, 1975 on CBS. It lasted two seasons and was produced by DePatie Freleng Enterprises. The Comets, a Roller Derby team led by Barnaby Bailey, travel the world competing in various events...
The Bad News Bears(1976 - 1978)
When he wrecks a customer's swimming pool..because the fink woint pay him for his services as a pool cleaner. "Morris Buttermaker"(Played by Jack Warden)is sentenced to work as a baseball coach at a school for troubled kids by the judge at civic court. The kids are imp...
Bad Girls(1999 - 2006)
Drama series set in Larkhall prison, with all of the Bad Girls of G-Wing serving time for muder, assault and other crimes. It shows what life can be like in a women's prison.
Bad Dog(1998 - Current)
Bad Dog is a short-lived animated cartoon that aired on ABC and Teletoon during 1998. The cartoon focuses on the Potanski family and their dog Berkeley. The show's gimmick was that whenever Berkeley was told that he was a bad dog, he would freeze and pretend to be dead until someone told him he was...
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