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Beakman's World(1992 - 1994)
Beakman's World was a science show, and at first glance it seems like something from Batman or something, with strange colorful sets, sound effects and very visual experiments. But it is not strictly a kids show, instead it is a very fast paced information experience! Here is a short example o...
Beadle's About(1987 - 1996)
Beadle's About was a British television programme hosted by Jeremy Beadle, where members of the public became victims of practical jokes behind hidden cameras. It was produced by LWT for ITV, and ran from 1987 to 1996.
the beachcombers(1972 - 1990)
The Beachcombers followed the life of Nick Adonidas (Bruno Gerussi), a Greek-Canadian log salvager in British Columbia who earned a living travelling the coastline northwest of Vancouver tracking down logs that had broken away from logging barges. His chief business competitor is Relic (Robert Cloth...
BBC Panorama(1953 - Current)
Britain's longest-running current affairs documentary program on television from BBC News, has been on the air since November 11, 1953.
BBC Newsnight(1980 - Current)
This British television weeknight news program is produced by BBC News, which specializes in analysis and often robust cross-examination of senior politicians.
BBC News (TV Newscasts) (UK)(1954 - Current)
This British television national news source: BBC News has been providing national news programming since it's first bulletin on July 5, 1954.
BBC Breakfast(1983 - Current)
This is a national British weekday morning television news program from BBC News. It became the BBC's first weekday morning Breakfast news program that premiered on January 17, 1983 under the title: "Breakfast Time" with the presenting team of Frank Bough, Selina Scott, Nick Ross, Russell Grant and...
Baywatch Nights(1995 - 1997)
Baywatch Nights was basically the same nitty gritty action as Baywatch...but at night.
Baywatch(1989 - 2001)
Baywatch is an American action drama series about the Los Angeles County Lifeguards who patrol the beaches of Los Angeles County, California, starring David Hasselhoff. The show was canceled after its first season on NBC, but survived and later became one of the most watched television shows in the...
The Bay City Rollers Show(1978 - 1979)
The Krofft Superstar Hour, later named the Bay City Rollers Show, was an hour long show that aired from September 10, 1977 to September 2, 1978 on ABC and was hosted by the musical group Bay City Rollers. It featured three different series: Horror Hotel; Lost Island; and Magic Mongo.
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