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Belle and Sebastian(1984 - 1990)
Belle and Sebastian is a coming of age story about a young boy and his dog. It started in Japan in 1981 and aired on Nick Junior from 1984-1990. Belle was a large white dog that lived in the mountains and had been outcast by the villagers. Belle was reported to be evil, but only Sebastian knew...
Believer's Voice Of Victory(1979 - Current)
This religious television progam is produced by Kenneth Copeland Ministries
Being Ian(2005 - 2008)
Ian Kelly likes to cope with the injustices of his life using his fascination with movies and a strong desire to "fix things." So while the stories start off from a familiar place, they quickly go in unexpected and hilarious directions thanks to Ian's wild cinematic imagination. The series currentl...
Behind the Scenes with Paul Crouch(1988 - 2013)
Hosted by Paul Crouch, president and founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Paul Crouch gives viewers a daily update of the ministries & activities taking place each day at TBN locally and around the world.
Behind Bars(1994 - 1995)
Beetlejuice(1989 - 1991)
This show is about a little goth girl named Lydia who isn’t like her happy-faced school girl peers, and is sick of her tortured and boring life so she summons a freelance bio-exorcist ghost with the most named Beetlejuice! And her boring life soon becomes filled with fun and danger. Beetlejuice can...
Beetleborgs Metallix(1997 - 2012)
In the follow up of Big Bad Beetleborgs, a new group of villians strip Drew, Jo and Roland of their powers. This forces Flabber to create stronger powers to take on these new bad guys as Beetleborgs: Metallix. this show was axed because saban ran out of footage and couldn't contune.
Beethoven - The Animated Series(1994 - 1995)
Inspired by the spectactular Ivan Reitman films, it's the lovable St. Bernard and his friends as they cause trouble or mayhem around any house.
Becker(1998 - 2004)
Ted Danson (Cheers) starred as Dr. John Becker, a dedicated and talented physician with a gruff exterior. Unfortunately, his interior wasn't all that warm and fuzzy either. While he offended those around who try to get close to him, he was extremely dedicated to his medical practice in the Bronx whe...
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  • [Frank grabs a baseball bat and gets one of the umpire's attention]
    Frank: Oh, excuse me. Um, could you tell me. Is this an official bat?
    [Frank struck the umpire's head with the bat and was knocked out. Frank drags him to the equipment room]
  • The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!