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The Animals of Farthing Wood(1993 - 1994)
The Animals of Fathing wood is about a herd of Animals who imegrate accross the country on a very long journey to a paradise called White deer park loved by all ages accross the world.
The Animals of Farthing Wood(1992 - 1995)
The animals of Farthing Wood are in peril. Day by day men and machines are encroaching upon their woodland habitat. When at last their only source of water is bled dry they are left with no option but to abandon their homes. But where are Badger, Fox, Owl, Mole, the Pheasants, the Rab...
Animals, Animals, Animals(1976 - 1980)
Host Hal Linden would showcase some of the many wonders of the animal kingdom. Each week, Hal would focus on a specific animal group such as horses, cats, K9's etc. Experts would frequently appear as guests on the show. Very informative and entertaining!!!
Animal Crackers(1997 - 1998)
Based on the comic strip created by Roger Bollen. Set in Africa's Freeborn Wildlife Preserve. Characters: Lyle Lion, DoDo, Eugene the Elephant, Lana the Lioness, Gnu
The Angry Beavers(1997 - 2001)
When their parents have another litter, the Norbert (the smart one) and Daggett (the stupid one) Beaver have to strike out on their own. Their new home on a lake in middle of the forest seems to be the scene of most every odd occurrence imaginable. The two beavers have to deal with wacko government...
Angie(1979 - 1980)
Poor waitress Angie Falco (Donna Pescow), working at the Liberty Diner had been secretly slipping Brad Benson pastries, thinking he was also poor. She soon learns, however, that he is actually a pediatrician from the medical building across the street from the diner and a member of one of Philadelph...
Angel Street(1992 - 1992)
Angelmouse(1999 - 2001)
Angelmouse is an angelic little mouse, with wings and a halo. He's been despatched to Earth to help those in need and to carry out good deeds in order to become a fully-fledged angel. Only, poor Angelmouse isn't very good at his job, and things regularly go wrong for him. Whenever a goo...
Angela Anaconda(1999 - 2001)
Angela Anaconda was a show about a girl who didnt fit in very well. You know the type the one that is ffriends with all the people that the snobs hate and find geeky or lame.This show first aired on Fox Family.She hates the biggest snob in the school who they call "Ninney Poo".
Angel (Anime)(1979 - 1980)
Known in Japan as "Hana no Ko Lun lun" this show aired in the US under the title "Angel." Angel is a young girl that descends from both humans and Flower Angels. She is taken on a long journey to the Flower Planet so the dying king's son can take his place on the throne.
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