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Almost Perfect(1995 - 1997)
Almost Home(1993 - 1993)
After ending in June 1992, the story was later picked up in the "sequel", Almost Home, in February 1993. In this series, the family could no longer afford to be living in their own house. Millicent Torkelson got a job as a nanny in Seattle, Washington. In this series, Steven Floyd (Aaron Michael Met...
Ally McBeal(1997 - 2002)
Alley McBeal is a good lawyer who is unsure about every other aspect of her life. Her love life is a roller coaster. Her co-works are anything but normal. And she often dazes off into a daydream making the weird life she struggles to understand look a little bit weirder. David E Kelly is master of m...
All That Glitters(1976 - 1978)
All That(1994 - 2005)
Brian Robbins and Dan Schneider from Head of the Class came together and created All That. A childrens' show with parodies and jokes that ended with a live performance from a band. Also some of the more famous celebrities that started out on "All That" include: Kenan Thompson, Amanda Bynes, and Nick...
Allsorts(1991 - 1994)
Allsorts (also named Gigglish Allsorts) was a Childrens television show that was broadcasted from 1991 to 1994 on CITV, made by Granada Television. It consitied of five main characters, who live in a brightly decorated house with everything in a different colour. It had a worktop, a main sofa and co...
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku(1992 - 1998)
Various Japanese animated series based on the manga by Yuzo Takada in Weekly Manga Action. The various series revolve around Ryunosuke's pet cat who's brain is transplanted into a female android (by Ryunosuke's father and inventor Kyusaku Natsume) body after a accident. This android body allows...
The All New Popeye Hour(1978 - 1983)
Popeye returns in this new saturday morning series on September 9, 1978, The All-New Popeye Hour debuted on the CBS Saturday morning lineup. It was an hour-long animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions, which tried its best to retain the style of the original comic strip (Popeye returne...
The All New Captain Kangaroo(1997 - Current)
Syndicated:1997 Host/Performer:"Captain Kangaroo"(John McDonough),"Mr.Green Jeans"(George Cahill The III)
All My Children(1970 - 2013)
Set in the fictional East Coast suburb Pine Valley, All My Children is the decades-old, risk-taking soap that centers around Erica Kane and her long line of husbands.
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