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Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare(1991)
In part six of the Nightmare on Elm Street series, dream monster Freddy Krueger has finally killed all the children of his hometown, and seeks to escape its confines to hunt fresh prey. To this end, he recruits the aid of his (previously unmentioned) daughter. However, she discovers the demonic orig...
Doraemon the movie: Nobita's Monstrous Underwater Castle(1983)
Big screen movie based on the tv series. One of over 18 movies!
Billy and Jo get their kicks from a special type of window-shopping (driving a car through the window and stealing everything inside.) These professional criminals are not in it for the money, but for the fun of it. When Billy gets released from prison, his rival Tommy has taken over the street. A f...
Twin Warriors a.k.a. Tai Chi Master(1993)
World-reowned martial arts superstar Jet Li powers this nonstop action thriller about two boys who grow up together...then see their lives take off in opposite directions Junbao joins a group of political rebels while his old friend tienbao becomes the follower of a ruthless military regime.
Although released in 1990, this movie has a 1989 copyright date, so I feel it's an 80s movie. Police officer Alex Kearney (Anthony Edwards) is booted from an upscale Philadelphia precinct to a downtrodden police station after he stops an important businessman named Jerome Sweet (David Clennon). M...
One of the most memorable Disney classics about a baby elephant born with enormous ears. Sadly, he is teased and taunted by the other elephants, until he discovers (with the help of his friend, Timothy Q. Mouse) that his ears allow him to fly.
Gamera (1966)(1966)
After a atomic bomb explodes after an attack by US fighters on Soviet bombers the monster know as Gamera is released from his icy prison. Gamera soon unleashes his wrath on Japan. The Japanese try their best to stop the rampage of Gamera at all cost before their country and the world are destroyed....
Night of the Living Dead (1968)(1968)
The dead have come back to live and are now devouring the flesh of the living. A group of survivors are now take refuge in a farmhouse and fend the zombies off. A black man named Ben and others board up the house but finds there are even more survivors in the basement. Ben and another man named Harr...
Based on a novel by Peter Benchley, this movie is about a shark-like monster terrorizing an island where a military base is located. Several people on the island, including a marine biologist, try to get things under control, but that proves to be difficult...
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