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Once Around(1991)
Swedish director Lasse Hallstrom makes his American debut with the story of taking chances and the love of family. Renata Bella finds herself to be a failure careerwise and in life...and more after witnessing the wedding of her younger sister along with her longtime boyfriend confessing that he had...
Once Upon A Texas Train(1988)
Texas Ranger Owen Hayes (Richard Widmark) sent criminal John Henry Lee (Willie Nelson) for 20 years. Lee is now out of jail, and Hayes has gathered up several of his fellow rangers to head out once more to capture him.
Moscow on the Hudson(1984)
Vladimir Ivanoff (Robin Williams) is a Russian musician who defects to America during a cultural exchange. With the assistance of some Bloomingdales' employees, he learns the ways of American life.
Mission: Impossible III(2006)
Ethan Hunt is now out of IMF. He just wants to have a normal life. But he never will. When he's called back into the impossible. Know he faces the worst villian of all Owen Davian.
Let's Get Harry(1986)
Harry Burck (Mark Harmon) has been contracted to do some work in Colombia. When taken hostage, friends and family members form a team to bring him back.
Psychologist Saul Benjamin (Dudley Moore) is in an unusual predicament. He's fallen in love with one of his patients, a beautiful young girl named Chloe Allen (Elizabeth McGovern). In his puzzlement, he's given advice by the ghost of Sigmund Freud (Alec Guiness).
Mad Dog Morgan(1976)
This movie is the tale of Irish criminal Daniel Morgan (Dennis Hopper) and his journey through Australia to outrun authorities.
Memories Of Me(1988)
A man named Abbie (Billy Crystal) was abandoned in his youth by his father Abe, who went to seek acting success in Hollywood. While on the mend from medical issues, Abbie pays a visit to his father, and the problems of the past come back. Only Abbie's girlfriend Lisa (JoBeth Williams) is able to pro...
Magic Island(1995)
Jack Carlisle is a disillusioned 13-year old boy. His mother is always away at work since his father left so he decides to run away, believing that his mom won't miss him. As he is ready to leave his nanny convinces him to read this "magic book." The book is about a pirate adventure on Magic Island....
Son of the Mask(2005)
The film begins as Dr. Arthur Neuman is giving a tour of the Hall of Norse Mythology in the Edge City Museum to a mysterious black figure. After he talks about the imprisonment of Loki in the first film, the figure transforms into Loki! He takes the mask only to realize it is fake and begins a searc...
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