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Live Nude Girls(1995)
Don't let the title fool you for these fully dressed, childhood friends have gathered together for a bachelorette/slumber party. But throughout the evening, these five ladies share more than just their sexual fantasies, desires, past relationships, and their takes on men, they also have their share...
Crazy People(1990)
Hello. Meet Emory Leeson, an advertising executive who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and is up against a deadline. Feeling stressed out, he decides to do something that no one has done before: take a "truthful" approach in advertisments. Unfortunately, his colleague, Stephen finds that hi...
Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai(1999)
Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai is directed by acclaimed film director Jim Jarmusch and was released in 1999. Forrest Whitaker portrays the title character Ghost Dog. The movie also co-stars a young Camille Winbush (Of 'The Bernie Mac Show' fame). The movie features the soundtrack done by the RZA...
There's No Time for Love, Charlie Brown(1973)
There are three months of school left and all of the Peanuts gang are under pressure from too many tests and homework assignments. They now have to make preparations to write a report on a field trip to an art museum. Charlie Brown's grades are falling from A to C and he has to receive a big grade...
Hell Comes To Frogtown(1988)
In a post apocalyptic world an outlaw(Rowdy Roddy Piper) is drafted to rescue an imprisoned group of woman from a band of mutant frogs.
That Night(1992)
In 1961 Long Island, 10-year-old Alice Bloom is trying to understand just how love works only to be teased by her playmates. Along with that, she starts idolizing 17-year-old Sheryl O'Connor across the street by watching her from bedroom window and copying everything from her favorite record to the...
The Gift(1979)
Daniel J.Travanti and Jobeth Williams star in this made for tv movie revolving around the abduction,and murder,of 6 year old Adam Walsh.
When their father plane crashed somewhere in Alaska, two kids set out on a dangerous quest to find him and help protect a Polar Bear Cub from an evil poacher.
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